Team Prospect Wins Paruzal Games' "The Great Escape" Tournament

Denver-based online escape room company Paruzal Games held their 2021 "The Great Escape" tournament this Spring, and they now have a winner. The event started clear back in February with almost 40 teams competing against each other in virtual escape rooms, trying to be the fastest team out the door. The tournament moved on with a number of teams being Guinness World Book of Record holders for escape rooms at different points in time. The final round of the tournament has "Team Prospect" going up against  "Team Ladies and Gentlemen, the non-equity cast of Godspell." In the end, Team Prospect walked away with the gold having the fastest time out of the room to take the trophy. Unfortunately, the tournament was not broadcast as they didn't want people to cheat, so there's no footage of it happening. But we have a few quotes from the winners below.

Credit: Paruzal Games
Credit: Paruzal Games

"The tournament was super fun and winning the title is a real thrill," said Tammy McLeod, a member of Team Prospect. "We still haven't come down from the win! Our team members actually live in three separate cities, but now that we can play virtual escape rooms, we've been playing a game together every week for the past year or so."

"Since we've been playing together for so long, we know each other's strengths and weaknesses," said Jason Lee, another member of Team Prospect. "For instance, Tammy knows Morse Code and so whenever we encounter it, we leave the decryption to her. We make a great team since our skillsets and abilities complement each other."

"We were blown away by the enthusiastic response to the tournament," said Paruzal CEO, James Warner. "Teams really enjoyed the competitive element added to our already engaging escape room play. We met a lot of diehard enthusiasts and want to extend our thanks not only to the amazing Team Prospect but to everyone who participated. It was a blast! We just celebrated our first year in business and my wife Elyssa and I continue to be inspired by our players. This tournament showed us how passionate people are about solving puzzles and working as a team to accomplish a goal. And with virtual escape rooms, players can invite friends along, regardless of their location. "

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