Telltale Games Reveals Second Season Of 'Minecraft: Story Mode'

An Austrailian government website has just become the latest source of information about Telltale Games' latest project. A sequel to Minecraft: Story Mode is in the works. While Telltale themselves haven't revealed anything about the game, this link to the Austrailian Department of Communication and the Arts shows that "Minecraft: Story Mode: Season Two – Episode 1: Hero In Residence" has been given approval for a PG rating.

credit//Telltale Games
credit//Telltale Games

No release date or important information has been released about the game from the site, nor has Telltale confirmed the news of the impending game. Not like we expect them to right now anyway, but with E3 happening in 10 days, it's almost a guarantee that we'll be seeing a preview for the next season at the convention.

I will say that as a fan of Telltale's library, it is a little peculiar that they've chosen to move forward with Minecraft: Story Mode, rather than more popular titles that people have been screaming for a sequel over such as Tales Of The Borderlands or The Wolf Among Us (based on the Fables comics from Vertigo). It's obvious that the company left open windows for both of those titles, as well as the Batman series to be continued much in the same fashion as The Walking Dead. Perhaps the company sees more money or opportunity with Minecraft? Or maybe the contracts with the other titles aren't able to continue right now? In any case, it's another awesome thing to look forward to mid-June.

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