The Autumn 2020 Event Begins Today In Pokémon GO

The Autumn 2020 Event begins in Pokémon GO today. This event now will now run from, confirmed by Niantic, the updated timeline of Friday, October 9th at 8AM Pacific to Monday, October 12th at 1 PM Pacific. This is one of the shortest events in recent Pokémon GO history, so read on for a breakdown of what to expect so that you can optimize on this event.

Autumn event promotional graphic for Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Autumn event promotional graphic for Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Now live in Pokémon GO are the following features:

  • Shiny Kanto Vulpix and Ninetails: Vulpix can be caught in the wild, while Ninetails must be evolved from Vulpix to obtain the Shiny
  • Deerling, a new Unova Normal/Grass-type Pokémon
  • The wild spawns will be… well, pretty much the standard spawns we see in the game when Grass-types are boosted with weather, so nothing amazing. The standout here is Pineco, who doesn't normally spawn very frequently and has quite a boosted Shiny rate
  • A temporary change in berries, which Niantic describes as:

"During this event, Berries will be twice as effective when you give them as treats to your Buddy Pokémon, and you'll earn twice the usual Candy you normally would when catching a Pokémon that you've given a Pinap Berry to. Berries will also be dropping more often when you spin Photo Discs at PokéStops and Gyms, so be sure to harvest a few Berries!"

On Saturday, there will also be an unrelated event called Alolan Meowth Research Day, which Bleeding Cool will report on as information comes in about the tasks and the spawns it will yield, though we do know that both Kanto and Galarian Meowth will also be available.

Stay tuned for:

  • The complete Autumn-themed Timed Research, breaking down the tasks and rewards that will come along with this event
  • The complete Autumn-themed Raid Rotation that will bring, along with the unrelated Legendary Raid boss Giratina Origin Forme, a new set of Tier One and Three raids to Pokémon GO

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