The Binding Of Isaac Card Game Will Get A New Edition

Maestro Media revealed this week they will be releasing a new edition of their popular card game The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls. The plan is for the game to get an expansion which will simply be called Requiem, which will be getting a Kickstarter to help fund the creation of it sometime in June. Maestro's Founder and CEO, Javon Frazier, has been working closely with The Binding Of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen on the launch of this new version as the two had also worked Four Souls and Tapeworm. We have a couple of quotes from both parties below about this new addition on the way, but as you might suspect, we don't have any idea of what the new expansion will look like just yet, nor do we have an accurate timeframe of when it will be released.

The Binding Of Isaac Card Game Will Get A New Edition
Credit: Maestro Media

"This is the next big step tied to everything Edmund and I have been working on together," said Javon Frazier, Founder & CEO of Maestro Media. "With the first The Binding of Isaac card game based on the well-known video game IP, we were blown away by the fan and community reception, exceeding all of our expectations, so to be able to expand on that property and launch something new for fans connected to a brand they love is just a dream come true."

"Working with Javon the last couple of years has been a tidal wave of endless fun," said Edmund McMillen, creator of The Binding of Isaac. "He and his team have gone above and beyond to ensure fans of my work can experience it on a whole other level and finally get their hands on physical goodies and merch I've been wanting to make for years, so I'm excited to jump back in this year and bring a ton of new stuff to fans."

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