The Elder Scrolls Online Launches New Life Festival Event

Bethesda Softworks has launched the Life Festival event into The Elder Scrolls Online with a ton of festive things you can do. The team has thrown in several options including new cooking options, new holiday fashion attire, new decorations you can add to your home, new items in the crown store, and more. You can read some of them below and get the full list here. Enjoy taking part in the festivities, but be quick about it as it will only last until January 4th, 2022.

The Elder Scrolls Online Launches New Life Festival Event
Credit: Bethesda Softworks


Take advantage of Elder Scrolls Online's Outfit System and create your own unique holiday look! Whether it be a warm winter coat, a toymaker's uniform, or the Elder Scroll's equivalent of an "ugly Christmas sweater," let creativity guide your hand! If you're looking for additional materials to shape your outfit, you're in luck! The rewards featured in the New Life Festival 2021 event are the perfect finishing piece to top off your winter costume. Here are just a few:

  • Nordic Bather's Towel costume
  • Colovian Filigreed Hood hat
  • Colovian Fur Hood hat
Still haven't quite found that missing element to your outfit? Speak to your local Guild Trader and see what they have in stock. You're also likely to come across new crafting styles while adventuring through the vast lands of Tamriel. Keep your eyes peeled; you never know what you might come across. And feel free to consult this handy Outfit System Basics guide if you feel lost on which direction to take!


For many people, it has become an annual pastime to decorate their homes in holiday splendor as the year nears its close. This tradition has carried over into Elder Scrolls Online, as players transform their homes into festive abodes via the housing system. In fact, we recently highlighted some incredible holiday homes—check them out if you're looking for some inspiration. You can craft and loot your own furnishings for your residences, but if you want some New Life-specific decorations, be sure to check out the New Life Festival Furnishing Pack Elder Scrolls Online Plus deal before it leaves the Crown Store.


Gift-giving and the holidays are practically synonymous with one another, so what better way to get into the winter spirit by gifting a friend, family member, guildmate, or even a random stranger one of the many items in the Crown Store? Simply browse the store for the perfect gift, make a selection, and then choose the option "Purchase as Gift." Then enter your recipient's UserID, Gamertag, or PSN ID, and voilà! You've just made someone's day.


Lastly, be sure to take part in this year's New Life Festival celebrations. The New Life Festival in-game event is Elder Scrolls Online's winter-themed occasion, and it's now live and continues until Tuesday, January 4 at 10AM EST.

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