The King Of Fighters XV Receives An Official 4K Trailer

SNK released a brand new trailer and more for The King of Fighters XV today, as we get a proper 4K look at the game. We've basically been waiting to hear anything new about the game and were teased that this trailer would be coming out yesterday, but then it got pushed back a day for some odd reason and now we have it today. It looks pretty awesome as we see some familiar faces in Mai Shiranui, Benimaru, Kyo Kusanagi, Leona, and Shun'ei all making their return to the game. However, that's pretty much all we get is some quick cut scenes and small pieces of fighting that do not look like actual fighting in the game, it's basically one giant teaser to what will probably be a greater reveal sometime next week.

Yet another teaser for the teaser to the teaser before we see anything major. Courtesy of SNK.
Yet another teaser for the teaser to the teaser before we see anything major. Courtesy of SNK.

The other video we got today features The King Of Fighters XV producer Yasuyuki Oda and creative director Eisuke Ogura talking a little bit more about the game, but mainly all they had to say was that this was just more teasing until the next reveal. The second video also shows more from the KOF XIV Ultimate Edition that was revealed yesterday, KOF 2002 Unlimited Match that will be coming to the PS4 sometime this year, and the Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3 as we get a quick preview of new characters on the way, which includes Cham Cham and Hibiki Takane from The Last Blade 2. It's a fun set of announcements from SNK as they show off a few things we weren't expecting, but it does feel like we could have waited another week or so to get everything in one punch than do a song and dance just to get to next week. That is, if next week shows us anything extra and isn't just another round of teasers.

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