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Kula Diamond Joins The King Of Fighters XV Roster
The roster for The King of Fighters XV keeps getting bigger by the week, as the latest character to join the fray is Kula Diamond Joining in as the 38th member of the roster, Kula has been an interesting addition to the series ever since her debut The Ice Doll originally started off as a[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar Launches Late End-Of-Year Event
Netmarble has released a new event into The King Of Fighters AllStar releasing some end-of-year content into the game From now until January 19th, two new Boss Syndrome Fighters will be available for you to collect Those two include [Boss Syndrome] Nameless, which is a Green element Fighter that will increase Green element Fighter's ATK[...]
The King Of Fighters XV Drops Team G.A.W. Story
SNK has slowly been revealing more about the story behind the teams of The King Of Fighters XV, with the latest one featuring Team G.A.W Each of these stories is set to give a little bit of insight into what's happened between games and a bit of the motivation to everyone you see on the[...]
THE KING OF FIGHTERS ‘98 Receives A Winter Upo
SNK has dropped a hot new update into The King Of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, improving the online experience for all The team posted very little info about the update itself, but the gist of it is they implemented a ton of changes to the way the online matchmaking and lobby system works[...]
The King Of Fighters XV Reveals A New Character
Last night during The Game Awards, SNK decided to reveal a brand new character coming to The King Of Fighters XV, along with a beta Not a lot is known about the new character, who goes by the name of Krohnen The team hasn't even released a proper bio about him so we're not sure[...]
King of Fighters 98' Orochi Figure Arrives from Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles is back with another impressive figure from the SNK video game King of Fighters This Japanese fighting game focused on tournaments where fighters from a variety of SNK games unite In The King of Fighters '97, Orochi was the main antagonist and final boss, and now he comes to life with Storm Collectibles[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar Will Hold A Guilty Gear Crossover
Netmarble has revealed details behind a new collaboration event coming to The King Of Fighters AllStar as Guilty Gear drops by The GG Xrd REV2 Collab Summon will be kicking off next week in two different volumes, bringing about characters from the franchise as you'll be getting Baiken (SS), I-No (FES), May (FES), Dizzy (SS),[...]
Two New Signature Fighters Come To The King Of Fighters AllStar
Netmarble revealed a new update that will be adding two new signature fighters to the roster of The King Of Fighters AllStar this week The two fighters you'll be getting are Yuri Sakazaki and King, who are some interesting additions to the mix and will make for cool combat, especially with the crossover bit[...]
The King Of Fighters XV Shows Off New Characters At Tokyo Game Show
SNK revealed a lot more info about The King Of Fighters XV during Tokyo Game Show 2021 today, as we got to see two new characters being added The two characters in question are named Isla and K'. Isla doesn't have a ton of backstory to her, only that she has similar powers to those of[...]
SNK Releases A Teaser Trailer For
During Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2021, SNK revealed the official release date for King Of Fighters XV, set for early 2022 We now know that the game is slated to be released on February 22nd, 2022, for PC on the Epic Games Store as well as both current and next-gen versions of PlayStation and[...]
Auto Draft
SNK revealed this week that they have brought back another amazing team of fighters to The King Of Fighters XV with Team Super Heroine The game has been going back to the 3-v-3 format, and in the process, they've slowly been unviling characters who will make up different teams within the game that you can[...]
Dead Or Alive 6 Comes To The King Of Fighters AllStar
Netmarble has revealed a new collaboration event launching in The King Of Fighters AllStar as Dead Or Alive 6 comes to the game On July 29th, Koei Temco will be bringing in their cast of characters into the mobile title for their own little get-together party out on the beach The details are a little[...]
The King Of Fighters XV Shows Off Team Art Of Fighting
SNK showed off three new characters coming to The King Of Fighters XV as players will have Team Art Of Fighting on the roster The three characters will be familiar to long-time players as you're getting Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, and King What's interesting about this lineup is that all three of these characters had[...]
The King Of Fighters XV Reveals Team Oroshi & Hibiki DLC
SNK has revealed another team for The King Of Fighters XV as we get a better look at the trio that will make up Team Orochi For the first time in 19 years, the team of Chris, Yashiro Nanakase, and Shermie will be reunited to form this group All three characters come with their own[...]
Terry Bogart Finally Receives His King Of Fighters XV Trailer
SNK released a brand new trailer overnight for The King Of Fighters XV, finally giving us a look at the iconic series character Terry Bogart The company has slowly been revealing characters week by week, the most recent, which you can watch below, being Yuri Zakazaki and Andy Bogard, as they continue to reveal and[...]