The Super Star Destroyer is Coming to Throw Our Your Back in Star Wars: Armada

Fantasy Flight Games has been dominating table top games news this weekend, and that's not about to stop! Feast your optical input devices upon this monstrosity:


Outside of the mighty Death Star, there are few symbols of Imperial might and oppressive power more iconic than the Super Star Destroyer. One of these mighty ships served as Darth Vader's flagship during the Battle of Endor, terrifying enemy pilots and demanding the attention of the entire Rebel fleet before it was eventually brought down.

Here's the thing, kids: this model is an absolute monster, and might be the biggest "miniature" I have ever seen! The Super Star Destroyer clocks in at over 24 inches in length, and completely dominates regular Star Destroyers on the table:

//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

The Super Star Destroyer looks to be in scale with the rest of the models for Star Wars: Armada, which means this thing is going to way a lot! That's a bunch of plastic to heft around, so bring a spotter, and try to figure out a way to transport it to tournaments, while you're at it!

There are four very unique ways to field the Super Star Destroyer, two of which blow through the points cost of a standard engagement completely. The Star Dreadnought Command Prototype and the Star Dreadnought Assault Prototype run 220 and 250 points, which will take up half of your points allowance in a standard game. they have 6 firing arcs, and plenty of shields and hull points to keep any Rebel Scum busy.

If you want to get extra fancy, you can field the Executor I-class Star Dreadnought and the Executor II-class Star Dreadnought clock in at 381 and 411 points, which means you're going to need a much bigger game size to see these monsters on the table.

Two new command options are available with the Super Star Destroyer, allowing players to field Admiral Piett or Emperor Palpatine as fleet commanders!

The Super Star Destroyer Unit Expansion is coming mid-year during 2019, check with your local game store for pre-order information! And you'll want to buy this beast locally, shipping on an item this big is going to run a pretty penny!


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