Review: Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

Fantasy Flight Games continues this month's reinforcements for Rebels with the Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion, which not only adds excellent support troops to the game, it brings this guy to the table with his first ever miniature:


Yeah, Pao! Kick some bucket-head butt!

The Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion contains 6 plastic miniatures, one unit card, eight upgrade cards, and a thick card stock sheet of tokens. Let's break that down!

Rebel Pathfinders cost 68 points to field, and come with Danger Sense 3, which allows the Pathfinders to add extra defense dice instead of removing suppression dice. This makes the Pathfinders an excellent unit pairing with Jyn Erso, who shares this ability.

Rebel Pathfinders are also Dauntless; they can gain a suppression token to perform a free move action!

Pathfinders also Infiltrate, allowing them to deploy anywhere beyond range three of enemy units. Anywhere

Upgrade cards include Environmental Gear for 3 points, which allows troops to ignore difficult terrain. For 4 points, Pathfinders can take Overwatch, which grants Sentinel's 1 to 3 range for standby actions. Pathfinders can Duck and Cover, which allows the unit to take on a suppression token during the dodge and cover steps for 8 points. Comms Relay is available for 5 points, which grants the Pathfinders the ability to pass commands to other units within 2 range.

Weapons load-outs include Fragmentation Grenades for 5 points, and the A-300 blaster which can be fielded in short and long range configurations.

Best of all, though, are the optional additions of Bistan for 32 points, and Pao for 22 points. It's awesome to see these two aliens from Rogue One hit the ranks of Star Wars: Legion!

All six miniatures are easy to assemble, look fantastic, and required next to no clean-up before assembly. Let's take a look at the sculpts:

The boxed set comes with 4 standard human Pathfinders, as you can see above and below. The sculpts are decent and fit in nicely with the established units for Legion.

Pao looks like an absolute beast, and he automatically becomes your unit leader if fielded!

The sculpts on Bistan and Pao are both fantastic, and add a lot of flavor and fun to the Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion!

A lot of potential players held off on getting into Star Wars: Legion until more unit options were available, which means now is the perfect time to dive in! The Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion is available now, and comes highly recommended for Star Wars fans and miniature gamers alike!

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