The Walking Dead: All-Stars Get New Character & Holiday Update

Com2uS released a new update today for The Walking Dead: All-Stars as the game gets a new character and some holiday upgrades. The game is adding Eugene to the mix as a technician for you to work with, as he comes with a diverse set of skills in the new Survival Record stages, which you can utilize to earn a few new rewards through some new limited-time seasonal events. Which is a great way to remind you that there will be a bunch of holiday decorations and more thrown into the game for you to bundle up, as well as snag Sophia's new winter skin to slay zombies in. Here's the rundown from the team.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Get New Character & Holiday Update
Credit: Com2uS
  • A New Chapter – Stand against insurmountable odds in All-Stars' evocative story, running adjacent to The Walking Dead comic series. A new Survivor Record <Proof> chapter follows a group of survivors, including Annie and Henry, as they're beset by raiders.
  • New Character: Inventor Eugene – The duplicitous Eugene returns as a new, Mythical-grade character with a revamped skill set in the Overseer alignment. Deploy imaginative makeshift weapons like a reconstructed fire extinguisher and outlast the undead by restoring your own HP.
  • Mysterious Survivor Event Dungeon – Put Eugene's inventions to the test alongside other survivors in a new PvE gauntlet. Earn Skill Manuals, Gold Bars, and even a random Epic-grade character for mastering his unique combat style.
  • New Skin: Snowflake Sophia – Help Carol's resourceful daughter find some holiday cheer by equipping this charming outfit—a warm winter coat complete with teddy bear and red-and-green seasonal accents.
  • Holiday Treats Galore – Collect firewood as you advance along a winter-themed progression track in the Stock Up! event, exchanging firewood bundles for highly sought-after characters. Help Sophia in the return of Town Management to score upgrade items and login seven times by Dec. 19 for a special holiday present—your choice of an Epic-grade character among powerful favorites like Tyreese and Leader Rick.

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