Today Is Douse Drive Genesect Raid Hour In Pokémon GO

Tonight is the one and only Douse Drive Genesect Raid Hour of October 2021 in Pokémon GO. Douse Drive Genesect, which is classified as a different Forme but is really just Genesect holding a different Drive that gives it a Water-type version of its move Techno Blast when caught, will be appearing with increased frequency in Legendary Raids from 6 PM – 7 PM local time. Here are some tips to take advantage of this Raid Hour before Pokémon GO gets into Spooky Season mode with an Altered Forme Giratina feature the following week.

Genesect in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Genesect in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Here are my tips for Douse Drive Genesect Raid Hour in Pokémon GO:

  • Bring the fire: Don't let the "Douse Drive" aspect trick you. Genesect will not have a Water-type move in the actual raids. It will only acquire the Water-type Techno Blast after you catch it. Genesect as a dual Steel/Bug-type Pokémon is double weak to Fire-type attacks. In fact, it is the rare Tier Five boss that can even be defeated by solo players in the right weather conditions. You should prepare a team in advance to take on Genesect. Here are some of the top counters:
    • Mega Evolutions: Charizard Y, Houndoom, Charizard X
    • Shadow Pokémon: Moltres, Entei, Charizard, Ho-Oh, Magmortar
    • Normal Pokémon: Reshiram, Chandelure, Darmanitan, Heatran, Blaziken, Entei, Moltres, Emboar, Charizard, Flareon, Infernape, Typhlosion
  • Temper your expectations: Douse Drive Genesect cannot be Shiny. Niantic is treating the Drives as separate releases which are getting an initial release and then, later, a Shiny release. Your best bet is to hunt for a good one.
  • 100% IVs: When looking for a Pokémon with the best stats, the 100% IV Genesect will have a CP of 1916 in normal weather conditions and 2395 in boosted conditions.
  • Friend coordination: Days with Raid Hours are a great time to coordinate with Friends in Pokémon GO you added randomly online. Sometimes, you get locked into these situations where neither of you are opening gifts at a Friendship level up because you don't want to steal the other's XP. Today, take a look at where that person's gift comes from and find out when their raid hour takes place in relation to your timezone. Opening the gift during then would be a great way to possibly get both of you XP. An even better way would be to invite them to your Raid Hour so that you can both guarantee you're getting the XP at the same time, so you'll both be aware to have a Lucky Egg on.

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