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Tower Of Fantasy Reveals Confounding Labyrinth Update

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have revealed a new update for Tower Of Fantasy as you'll be able to dive into the Confounding Labyrinth. This is an entirely new update that will be launched into the game on November 22nd and will add a whole new area for you to explore. As you can see fromt he image below, as well as the trailer we have for you at the bottom, this is going to be a maze of epic propotions in which you'll have to explore wandering pathways and various rooms upon rooms to find your way around. On top of all of this, the team revealed that they have another new character on the way, this one going by the name of Saki Fuwa, who has arrived in the game this week. We have more info on her and a little bit more on the Labyrinth and check out the new character trailer.

Tower Of Fantasy Reveals Confounding Labyrinth Update
Credit: Level Infinite

The Confounding Labyrinth is a massive, mysterious underground labyrinth located just beneath Mirroria in Tower Of Fantasy. The matter contained within this chaotic space does not conform to any known laws of the universe. Deep in the darkness, Wanderers will encounter a variety of terrain types and magnificent scenery, including ruins from an unknown civilization.

Also launching today is the latest simulacrum, Saki Fuwa. As captain of the Mirroria Security Special Forces, Saki Fuwa is the only genuine human in the group, never having undergone any biomechanical modification. She loves the ancient fighting style of kendo, and often dons a traditional kendo uniform. Saki Fuwa is capable of a state of "Super Flow", the ability to concentrate her full focus on a single action resulting in an incredible boost to attacks and combat prowess. Saki Fuwa also comes armed with her powerful Heartstream weapon.

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