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Tower Of Fantasy Drops New Trailer For Upcoming Vera Expansion
Level Infinite and Hotta Studios released a new trailer this week for Tower Of Fantasy as they showed off more of the Vera expansion The team has already shown off the area in little bits and pieces for the past few weeks, so we already have a pretty good idea of what the cyberpunk area[...]
Tower Of Fantasy Announces First Major Content Expansion
Level Infinite and Hotta Studio revealed more details of what's to come in Tower Of Fantasy as we got more info on a new expansion First off, players will be experiencing an entirely new area on September 15th as the team will be adding Artificial Island, which is an unlockable area when you manage to[...]
Tower Of Fantasy Will Receive New Land & Character Soon
Level Infinite and Hotta Studio revealed more additions coming to Tower Of Fantasy in the near future with a new area and a new character The new area is called Vera, which will be cyberpunk-themed and be an unlocked area within the game This area itself will add environments, mounts, monsters, weapons, and other goodies[...]
Level Infinite Offers Starter Notes For Chimeraland
Level Infinite has released their latest game Chimeraland, and with it, they released some special notes on how to get started The team just barely launched the game globally on PC and mobile devices and were pretty quick to recognize that many may not know where to begin in the sandbox RPG world So they[...]
We Explored Tower Of Fantasy At Summer Game Fest Play Days
Out of the blue today, Level Infinite dropped details of when they will be releasing Tower Of Fantasy for both PC and mobile devices The game will officially open for pre-loading on August 9th, followed by the launch of the game on August 10th at 5PM PDT As of right now, there's still time to[...]
We Explored Tower Of Fantasy At Summer Game Fest Play Days
Level Infinite revealed a brand new trailer for Tower Of Fantasy this week as we got a better introduction to many of the game's characters Along with developer Hotta Studio, the team showed off many of the characters you'll encounter in the game as you make your way through the open-world RPG It also gives[...]
Chimeraland Reveals New Closed Beta For North America
Level Infinite revealed that their upcoming game Chimeraland is now set to officially release on PC and mobile devices next week If you haven't checked the game out yet, this is an open-world sandbox RPG set in a prehistoric, mythical world filled with creatures that have multiple designs and abilities It will be up to[...]
Tower Of Fantasy Global Launch Pre-Registration Site is Now Open
Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have officially opened up a pre-registration website for their upcoming open-world RPG, Tower Of Fantasy We previously talked about the game back when we played a small piece of it during Summer Gane Fest Play Days, and at the time we were only given an idea that the game would[...]
Tower Of Fantasy To Launch Globally In 2022, Beta Tests Coming Soon
We had a chance to chat with Level Infinite about several games during Steam Next Fest Play Days, starting with Tower Of Fantasy This is the first time I actually got to try a hands-on demo of the sci-fi open-world RPG, and for starters, this game looks pretty great The team went out of their[...]
Chimeraland Reveals New Closed Beta For North America
Level Infinite announced today they will be holding a closed beta for their upcoming game Chimeraland, which will be held specifically in North America The free-to-play open-world sandbox adventure game will be coming to PC and mobile devices in 2022, but before that takes place, the devs have officially opened its Closed Beta Test sign-ups,[...]
Tower Of Fantasy To Launch Globally In 2022, Beta Tests Coming Soon
Level Infinite along with developer Hotta Studio announced this morning they will be launching Tower Of Fantasy globally this year While they didn't give an official date or window in any capacity, they did give some information about what's to come We now know the game is planned for both PC and mobile devices in[...]
Tencent Games Launches New Publishing Label Called Level Infinite
Tencent Games has officially launched a brand new publishing label for video games this week which is going by the name Level Infinite The company will have two offices as it will be based in both Amsterdam and Singapore, with staff working remotely around the world as well It appears the company will be working[...]