Tracer From Overwatch Makes An Appearance In Ready Player One

A little bit of moving news in your gaming news this weekend, as the latest trailer for Ready Player One shows Tracer from Overwatch as one of the playable characters people have in the global game Oasis. You can find her at 2:05, but depending on the kind of fan you are, this is either really exciting news or it's one of the most abysmal things ever. Fan reaction is pretty split on social media and message boards, some thinking it's really cool seeing her included in a blockbuster movie, while others are saying it's an unnecessary cash grab that doesn't show the character in the real light. I particularly enjoyed the arguments of people comparing it to a skin on Garry's Mod. Funny enough, those people didn't seem to have an issue with Chun-Li, The Iron Giant, or Chucky being added to the film, or racing around in a Batmobile, a DeLorean, or Akira's bike. How do you feel about her being added?

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