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Blizzard Celebrates 5 Years of Overwatch With From the Vault Art Print
The print is loaded out with original designs of your favorite Overwatch heroes and villain like Bastion, Mercy, Torbjorn, Roadhog, Genji, Tracer, and so much more. The print is sized at 8" x 10" and will only be available for 30 days and 30 days only For $29.99, this is a truly amazing collectible for Overwatch[...]
Chains Of Satinav & Memoria Come To Consoles January 27th
Dark Horse Comics released the latest issue of their digital Overwatch series, Tracer – London Calling, as Issue #4 is out now The two companies have been working together for a while now to help expand the world the video game is set in since there isn't a campaign in the original title It's been[...]
Overwatch Has Launched A Tracer Comic Challenge
Blizzard Entertainment has partnered up with Dark Horse Comics for a special Overwatch Tracer challenge based around a comic book DH has released a new set of comics based on the game, with the first issue of London Calling based around Tracer The first of five issues will be launching digitally, with the physical version[...]
New York Toy Fair: Hasbro's New Overwatch Figures Look Fantastic
The first figures from the line include Tracer, Sombra, Lucio, a huge Reinhardt, and Reaper with huge weapons Two-packs will include Soldier 76 and Ana, and a ridiculously cool Phara and Mercy that pictures do not do justice While all of them look amazing, Reinhardt is the standout here And with good reason, he is[...]
Cookiewatch | Overwatch
The fine folks at Blizzard have created another Overwatch stop motion video, with Reaper and Tracer going at it again This time the two fight each other over some cookies left for Santa on Christmas Eve, but get a bit of a surprise in the middle of their fight Here's hoping this isn't the only[...]
Blizzard Celebrates Overwatch's Second Anniversary with Stop-Motion Video
It's pretty obvious by our own posts that we're pretty stoked about the upcoming anniversary content for Overwatch, but of all the things they've done before it happens, this is probably one of the coolest videos they could have put together. The company got a couple members of their crew to put together this stop-motion video,[...]
Overwatch Makes a Few Character Updates in Latest Patch
You can read the full list of notes here, but we have the character patches for you below, which includes changes to Brigitte, Tracer, Hanzo, Genji, Junkrat, and Lucio! credit//Blizzard Brigitte Shield Bash Cone angle reduced from 90 to 60 Developer Comments: When fighting against Brigitte, it often felt like Shield Bash was able to hit players who felt like they[...]
Tracer From Overwatch Makes An Appearance In Ready Player One
A little bit of moving news in your gaming news this weekend, as the latest trailer for Ready Player One shows Tracer from Overwatch as one of the playable characters people have in the global game Oasis You can find her at 2:05, but depending on the kind of fan you are, this is either[...]
New Ready Player One Trailer Is a Basket of Easter Eggs for Fans
Oh hey look at that murderous doll Chucky taking down some ioi dudes Parzival and Art3mis in the Delorean (the Ecto-88) during the battle Parzival reaches towards what we think may be the nuke held by Nolan Surrento's avatar A grand explosion during what we think is the attack and defense of the third and final gate. Lara Croft[...]
Good Smile Reveals Their Overwatch Tracer Figma Figure
First up in the new line, from Good Smile Company, is Tracer Tracer is the only character I am good with in the game, I must admit I am pretty terrible But that is the part of Overwatch I like, I can be terrible at it and still have a great time playing it Anyway,[...]
Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan On The Issue Of Diversity
Like we've really tried to say to people 'Isn't this world that we live in cool? Aren't all these people cool and they're all very different from one another? Even the ones that look similar have different back stories.' "I think it's been nothing but a positive for us, and I think it's been one[...]
Jeff Kaplan Gives Us A Year In Review For Overwatch And Future Plans
He does not address the recent news about Tracer… but rather stays focus on the game, leaving the lore alone. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Developer Update | Year in Review | Overwatch ( Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan sat down for 11 minute and did a year in review for the games[...]
Overwatch Reveals Their First Openly Gay Hero In Comic Story
We learn in the comics that Tracer, one of the first characters revealed when the game was announced, has a girlfriend named Emily. The story follows Tracer as she races around trying to buy a gift at the very last minute Meanwhile Winston is preparing his house for Christmas Tracer is delayed by stopping a thief,[...]