Travis Scott's Fortnite Concert Scored 12.3 Million Users

Travis Scott gave Epic Games one of the best weekends it has ever had as his Fortnite concert brought in 12.3 million users. There have been many events in the game's short history that have brought a ton of attention to the game. A rocket ship breaking the sky, a volcano erupting in the middle of the island, an iceberg crashing into it, pirates for some reason, the day they just turned the game off for a couple of days and everyone freaked out that it was the end of the world. Not to mention other musical concerts such as Weezer's appearance, or the concert from Marshmello. But this latest concert, Travis Scott's Astronomical, has set a brand new bar that both Epic Games and anyone who dares to try to fill up the servers is going to have a fun time trying to clear.

Travis Scott game one of the biggest Fortnite performances ever.
Travis Scott game one of the biggest Fortnite performances ever.

According to the company's own internal data followed by a tweet to break the news, the original Thursday performance brought in a record 12.3 million users, which is an all-new record for concurrent users on the servers at a single time. The event itself was a mix of Scott playing some of his big hits and other tracks he picked out for the event, along with what was essentially an interactive experience in the game with back-up dancers made of fire, lightning storms that roamed through the island, flipping the gravity on everyone to have the game upside-down, and then a word journey through space that was pretty much on par for any drug trip you may have experienced. You can watch the full Fortnite performance below as recorded from a couple of different perspectives and put together in one awesome journey. Enjoy the record-breaking show.

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