Twitch Streamer Aqualadora Admits to Animal Cruelty in Livestream Q&A

Today in disheartening news, Twitch gaming streamer Simone "Aqualadora" Scott admitted to committing animal cruelty while working as a veterinary technician. Aqua was being interviewed on RajjPatel's stream during a roundtable when he asked the question, "What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone?" And as you can see from the video below, she did not hold back as she fully admitted to killing a dog because the owner was "a really bad person".

(WARNING: the clips below may be upsetting. The Twitter version is the short version; the YouTube clip is the full conversation, where she tries to deny it leading up to her being kicked off the stream.)

You can see the looks of disbelief on everyone's faces at what she says, as Rajj quickly tries his best to find out whether she's telling the truth. Aqualadora spends much of the extended clip denying what she said was true. But it's very clear in the first two minutes that there's no remorse or regret as she smiles when she admits the dog was 3-4 years old. While the internet clearly doesn't forget, Rajj deleted the entire show from his Twitch channel and issued a statement on Twitter apologizing for the incident.

As for Aqualadora, she's made no comment on any of her social media and even has her Instagram set to private. But just type her name into Twitter and you'll find a litany of Twitch streamers condemning her actions and calling for Twitch to remove her as part of their community guidelines about animal cruelty. There is even a petition demanding she be thrown off the platform. Its too early to tell what may come of this, but one thing is for certain: If she did indeed commit this act, this is a morally reprehensible act that should not be ignored.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed through VPesports that Scott was at one point Santa Cruz Animal Shelter in Santa Cruz, California.

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