Ubisoft Reveals Plans For Year 5 & 6 For "Rainbow Six Siege"

During the Six Invitational today, Ubisoft revealed a ton of changes and plans for Year 5 and 6 for Rainbow Six Siege. Some which will shock you! Among the changes on the way will be map bans in standard gameplay, a one-shot Desert Eagle (possibly a nod to 007's golden gun), and a rework to Tachanka. yes, we know, they said they'd never do reworks. Well… that time is over. And man, did they choose the right character as his gun is now going to become a mobile weapon with some power behind it, and he'll be getting a gadget int he form of a flaming grenade launcher. You can see footage of it below in Rainbow Six Siege, along with all the notes from today's reveal and a few videos to show it off.

Ubisoft Reveals Plans For Year 5 & 6 For "Rainbow Six Siege"
Credit: Ubisoft


  • For the future, the focus is on the core gameplay of Siege, fundamental elements that have a direct impact on every player. The following points will be the priority target: Get players more invested int the preparation and support phases.
  • Expand player agency.
  • Reinvest in existing content such as maps and operators.
  • Create content and rework existing content that effects the way players engage with the environment and other players

For example, a smart ping system will be implemented to smoothen gameplay by improving communication in the team, mostly for players who can't or prefer not to use voice chat. There will also be more secondary gadgets available to all Operators, and many more updates are currently being tested and will release during Year 5 and Year 6.

Reworks are major changes that affect how Operators are utilized and redefine their entire gameplay. In Year 5, Tachanka will be the first Operator completely reworked, and others will follow in the upcoming seasons.

Year 4 was already rich in terms of in-game events with Rainbow is Magic, Showdown, Doktor's Curse, and Road to SI. In both Year 5 and Year 6, there will, again, be one major in-game event during each season. These events propose a unique gameplay shift, offering a refreshing and innovative experience to all players. In addition, weekend-only Arcade Playlists are also coming to the game. The first Arcade Playlist, Golden Gun, will happen during Y5S1, and more are planned, starting Y5S3.

Other changes for Year 5 and 6 have already been announced:

  • Map ban, to offer players a better control on the map they will play.
  • Reputation system, a transparent system where player can get rewards or sanctioned based on their behaviors in-game.

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