Ultimate Games Reveals Moby Dick-Inspired Essex: The Whale Hunter

Ultimate Games and developer T3 Games have revealed a new Moby Dick-inspired game on the way called Essex: The Whale Hunter. The game will have you playing as a captain on the high seas in the 1800's searching for whales to hunt, while also making sure you're not eaten in the process. The game will have you snag a ship, hire a crew, hunt down targets, capture them, harvest them, sell parts, and do it all over again. Because you're crazy and whale hunting is both disgusting and risky. We're not exactly fans of the concept, but we know there are gamers out therew who look at this like they would any hunting game. It has no release date on it, but you can check out the trailer for it below.

Credit: Ultimate Games
Credit: Ultimate Games

Let's embark on an adventure! Full speed ahead, it's high time to go hunting! The goal? Glory and precious loot in the form of a multi-ton whale. The stake? Your and your people's life. Did I say "people"? Of course, after all, as it has been known for a long time, you must gather your party before venturing forth. Recruit adventurous madmen to become part of your crew. But what's a captain without a boat? Take the helm of Essex, the legendary whaling ship Captain George Pollard Jr. used to set out on the memorable voyage of 1819, which ended with the ship colliding with a giant sperm whale and sinking at the bottom of the sea. This event inspired Herman Melville to write the famous Moby Dick, the novel on which Essex: The Whale Hunter is based. Now it's your turn to visit 19th century Nantucket.

Track down your own Moby Dick, grab your weapons and fight an unequal battle against the sea colossus. Once you win, harvest the raw materials from the whale – you'll monetise them when paving legal trade routes and searching for luck on the black market. Only (or as many as) a couple of accurate harpoon throws stand before you and a great fortune. And when the ocean turns against you, smashing your ship to smithereens and lunging you to the shore of a desert island, do your best to get out of there and return to where you belong – to the great seas. Essex: The Whale Hunter is a 19th-century whaling simulator and a great opportunity to experience a truly Melvillian adventure, full of tension, grave dangers and whale trophies to win.

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