ARK: Survival Evolved Has Sold 2 Million Copies

ArkARK: Survival Evolved has been one of the biggest hits on Steam all year around. The early access game is a mix of survival and base building, on top of a world filled with Dinosaurs and mythical creatures. I suppose it is not hard to see why it's popular then.

We now have a figure for the popularity too. It was announced by Wildcard yesterday that the game has hit 2 million sales, which is not bad going at all. The game has a fairly small dev team, so to see this success is encouraging.

The game has changed a lot recently too, as this press release states. If you've bought it but not played recently, you can expect these changes:

Every week, at least one new dinosaur is added to expand the exotic fauna in the game.

Two weeks ago, ARK expanded significantly by adding two new biomes, snow and swamp, greatly increasing the scope and type of real estate and adding complexity to the environment and AI behavior.

And most significantly Studio Wildcard over the last two months has built out a massive competitive aspect to the game and is in the third phase of its Survival of the Fittest competition, "The Last Stand," featuring more than 230 players and $60,000 in prizes, throwing the survival-adventure title into the competitive e-sports field with a whole new twist.

I wish the team at Wildcard all the best. Their community is tight-knit and growing, so hopefully, their success continues.