Evolve Has Seen A Huge Bump In Players Since Going Free-To-Play


I liked Evolve quite a bit when it came out last year, but it sadly never quite caught on as it could have done. Thanks to a really long hype cycle and DLC shenanigans, it's release ended up being pretty muted.

Thanks to the developer's choice to bring the game to a free-to-play model, it seems it is having a second coming. As GameSpot point out,  judging by Steam's yesterday the game hit 25,167 concurrent players. That is only enough to put it at no. 17 in the charts, but that is nearly an all time peak for the game, and rather amazing considering the title has only hit 1,000 concurrent once this year.

Hopefully those numbers have some kind of staying power, and we see the game get lasting support. That would be really cool.