Code Vein

"Code Vein" Shows Off The New Hellfire Knight DLC

Bandai Namco took a moment this week to show off the new Hellfire Knight DLC that is currently available for Code Vein. The new character is available for $10 right now if you wish, or he comes as part of the Season Pass if you bought that for $25. Along with the amazing new look […]

Bandai Namco Shows Off Three DLC Packs Coming To "Code Vein"

In case you thought Bandai Namco left Code Vein in the dust after it got released, the company revealed there's more DLC on the way. Ever since the game was released, the company has been pretty quiet on what they intended to do with it post-release. For a brief moment, we kind of assumed it […]

"Code Vein" Receives A New Trailer Showing Off A New Boss

With Code Vein on the way this month, Bandai Namco is now revealing more of the enemies you'll deal with, starting with the Insatiable Despot. According to the description, this trailer "demonstrates the giant monster's flurry of attacks and the monumental power of its multiple deadly weapons". Basically, he's big, carries a double-bladed axe, and […]

"Code Vein" Shows Off A Bunch Of New Content At Gamescom

Bandai Namco had a bunch of stuff to reveal at Gamescom 2019, including new materials for Code Vein with new videos and screenshots. Along with a new trailer for The Butterfly of Delirium, we get a look at two new spaces in The Cathedral of Sacred Blood and The City Of Flames. You can check […]

Jack Rutherford Receives A "Code Vein" Character Trailer

Jack Rutherford Receives A "Code Vein" Character Trailer

It's been a minute since we've seen something from Bandai Namco for Code Vein, but recently they have us a new character trailer for Jack Rutherford. Jack is basically a no-nonsense antagonist for the game who seems to know more about the main character than he lets on. The "Revenant Hunter" as he's also known […]