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Star Trek Online: Unparalleled Announces Mid-June Release

Arc Games have revealed the latest season for Star Trek Online, as we see the return of Denise Crosby to the franchisein Unparalleled.

Article Summary

  • Star Trek Online: Unparalleled launches June 19, 2024 with Denise Crosby.
  • New season features Iconians and a mirror universe Borg threat.
  • New missions include Borg Battle Royale and event Delete Alt Control.
  • Introducing Infinity Lockbox Update and Captain Alteration Token.

Arc Games and Cryptic Studios have announced the latest season being added to Star Trek Online, as Season 32 will bring back a familiar face in Unparalleled. This season marks the return of Denise Crosby to the franchise, as they will continue the Aetherian and Mirror Borg storyline for the next few months. We have the finer details of what you can expect below, as the season will launch on June 19, 2024.

Star Trek Online: Unparalleled Announces Mid-June Release
Credit: Arc Games

Star Trek Online: Unparalleled

In Star Trek Online: Unparalleled, the Borg threat to the multiverse continues as the player's Captain discovers a last stand between a new, peaceful alternate universe Iconians and a new type of Borg, infused with a mysterious nanite technology. The player's Captain must work with allies across the universe, including Enterprise Captain Sela from this new parallel universe and Aetherian ally Captain Grendat-Bex, to defend the Iconians against this new Borg threat and their queen.  This new adventure features a notable Star Trek franchise star, Denise Crosby, playing Captain Sela, Captain of the Enterprise from a parallel universe. Denise Crosby is known for playing Tasha Yar in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and she later returned to the Star Trek universe to play Captain Sela. Star Trek Online: Unparalleled will also introduce plenty of new content for players to discover.

  • New Episode – Situation Under Control: The Aetherians will send you on a mission with one of their own into a new universe, and you must join forces to stem the tide of a new Borg foe!
  • Brand New Task Force Operation – Borg Battle Royale
    • A new 5 Captain Ground TFO.
    • A holodeck simulation of fighting waves of Borg allows captains to gain experience in small teams holding off increasingly dangerous groups of Borg enemies of all types. The event version will last 12 rounds.
    • After the Season event ends, an infinite round version will be available.
  • Season 32 Event – Delete Alt Control: For this new event, players can play selected content to earn the following rewards:
    • Dimensional Hypermass Torpedo Launcher
    • Type 14 Shuttle Support Squadron
    • 500 Lobi Crystals
    • 1 Phoenix Epic Prize Token
    • 30,000 Dilithium Ore
  • Infinity Lockbox Update: T6 Aetherian Revelation will be added to the Infinity Lockbox.
  • Captain Alteration Token: At launch, the primary factions of Starfleet, Klingon Defense Force, and Romulan Republic will have access to this feature. Players will be able to change their Species and/or Gender with this token.

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