Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Has Been Confirmed By EA


While Star Wars: Battlefront failed to impress everyone, I think it's hard to deny that the game gets a lot of things right. It looks amazing, and often, it felt convincing too. It's major problems felt more structural, things that could be helped in future versions of the games.

Well, unsurprisingly, it looks like another in the series is incoming. Speaking during an earnings call EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, said that the new game is happening, and that it will draw upon the "new movies", so you have to assume we will be getting some Force Awakens love. No release date was announced, sadly.

It was also said by Jorgensen, that EA want to release a new Star Wars game, every year for the next three or four. That is to go with the yearly movies too. That's a lot of Star Wars.

I really hope DICE take the (good) criticism it got with Battlefront and builds upon it. There is so much to like, lets just see it packaged properly now.

Thanks Gamespot