Xbox Boss Says That He Is More Concerned With Regaining Fan Trust Than Beating PS4

Phil SpencerWhen Phil Spencer took over Microsoft, the Xbox One was not in great shape. It suffered from a rather bungled reveal that had fans angry at the restrictive 'always online' focus. That was all scrapped before the console even launched, but the brand is still reeling.

Spencer believes that damage to the Xbox One is still in affect. Speaking at the GeekWire Summit (via Videogamer), Spender spoke candidly about losing customers and how he is still trying to regain trust.

Whether it's always-on, used games, whatever the feature was, we lost the trust in them that they were at the center of our decision-making process. Were we building a product for us, or were we building a product for the gamers? And as soon as that question came into people's minds and they looked at anything, whether it was the power of our box, our launch line-up, microtransactions, what you find is very quickly you lose the benefit of the doubt.

You lose your customer's assumption that the reason you're building your product is to delight them and not just build a better and more maybe manipulative product.

He did add, that he isn't trying to 'beat' Sony at the moment though.

We're not motivated by beating Sony, we're motivated by gaining as many customers as we can.

I think Spencer has been a breath of fresh air since he took over the Xbox brand. He had no easy task reviving Xbox, but now he does appear to be making headway with gamers, as from my take, the community feels a lot more upbeat about Xbox of late.