"Vigor" Is Launching A Closed Beta On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Bohemia Interactive announced this week that they will be setting up a closed beta for their upcoming game Vigor on the Nintendo Switch next week. A couple of weeks ago, the game was announced by Nintendo during their Mini Direct that the game was going to be headed to their console. What we didn't really know at the time is what that would fully entail and how long it would take to get there. Now we know the game will be holding a closed beta starting on April 9th and running until April 16th. The company has set up a registration page for those looking to participate. Here's a quick quote from the release of this beta info.

Vigor Nintendo Switch
Credit: Bohemia Interactive

"After the successful period that Vigor spent exclusively on Xbox, we feel it's time to take another step forward and bring post-war Norway to a larger player base — This first step being Vigor's launch on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo players will be able to hop into a special version of the game, while Xbox players will enjoy the release of Season 3," said the Project Lead Petr "pettka" Kolář.

If you're unfamiliar with the title, Vigor is an online, third-person, multiplayer, shoot-and-loot game. You will have to compete against fellow Outlanders for precious resources. You have the option to take on everyone or find others to work with to loot for resources, fight for airdrops, and escape to your Shelter. There you build improvements and level up before going back into the fray. The game has had some decent success on Xbox One since it was released back in August 2019. In fact, considering the kind of game it is, we're surprised it wasn't released to PC by now with cross-play. But hey, that just means Nintendo Switch players can get first dibs after Xbox.

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