Tour de France 2020 Main Art

Tour De France 2020 Gets A Time Trial Gameplay Video

It's still up in the air if we're getting the official tour, but Nacon and Cyanide are still moving forward with Tour De France 2020. This time around they're showing off the time trial mode with a new gameplay video, which you can check out below. This is your way of showing off how well […]

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Maneater Receives A Launch Trailer Before Coming Out This Week

The time is approaching for you to become the shark in Maneater, but before that can happen, there's one last trailer for you to check out. It's only a matter of days until you can turn yourself into a killer shark roaming the waters looking for someone to feast on. As the game allows you […]

Trials Of Cold Steel IV Main Art

Trials Of Cold Steel IV Receives A New Story Trailer

NIS America revealed a brand new story trailer for Trials Of Cold Steel IV today, giving us a better look at the world and characters. Up until now there's been very little revealed about the story beyond the fact that it's essentially a mega class reunion between characters from the previous games. Now we're getting a […]

Vampire-The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2 drops soon on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2 Trailer Debuts Footage

Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2 showed off a new trailer this morning, part of the Inside Xbox 20/20 live stream. Showing the characters eerily dancing to the song "Danke Schoen" by Wayne Newton, the game announced itself with a visual style that is both captivating and frightening at the same time. The developers, Hardsuit Labs, […]

Second Extinction has been announced for the Xbox.

Second Extinction Dinosaur Shooter Announced During Xbox Stream

Second Extinction is a new first-person shooter game where you have to take down savage mutated dinosaurs. The game was revealed with an announcement trailer during this mornings Inside Xbox 20/20 live stream event. In the game, the mutated dinosaurs have taken over the Earth as their own, and it is up to us to […]

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Main Art-2

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Gameplay Trailer Shown On Xbox 20/20 Stream

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the latest entry into the long-running series from Ubisoft. It is arguably the most anticipated for some time as well, as the game is set in the viking world. Many players were excited about the games official announcement not too long ago, and this morning during the Xbox 20/20 stream they […]

Scorn was revealed today from Ebb Software for Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Game Scorn Trailer Shown On Xbox 20/20 Event

Scorn is a new first person horror adventure game that has a very creepy Alien vibe. A trailer for the game was shown during the Xbox 20/20 event this morning showing off a ton of games and in-game footage for the new Xbox Series X. Scorn looks to be one of the titles to keep […]

Skyhill Black Mist 2020 Release

Skyhill: Black Mist Receives A May 2020 Release Date

Klabater and Mandragora Games announced this week that their isometric survival-horror game Skyhill: Black Mist is coming in May. In fact, the game will debut on PC on May 28th, as a follow-up to the original Skyhill game from 2015. The game plays out a little bit like a comic book inspired by classic horror […]

Tour de France 2020 Main Art

Tour De France 2020 Releases A First Person Trailer

The Tour De France 2020 probably isn't happening this year, but you can experience it for yourself in the new video game on the way. Nacon and Cyanide are coming together again to add another entry into the video game franchise based on the world's most famous cycling event. With the likelihood of the event […]

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Title Art

Fallout 76: Wastelanders Receives A Brand New Trailer

Bethesda Softworks has decided to drop a brand new trailer for Wastelanders today before its added to Fallout 76 next week. The latest expansion for the game has been met with delay after delay, but it looks like we'll finally see it released to the public on April 14th. But before we get there, we […]

For the People Main Art

Brezg Studio & 101XP Announce For The People Coming To Steam

This morning, publisher 101XP along with developer Brezg Studio announced their next game, For The People, is on the way to Steam this year. The game is described as an "acute social novel with strategic elements" where you will take the role of leader over a foreign country. As you might suspect from the artwork […]

ZHED Main Logo

Mobile Puzzler ZHED Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Indie developer Ground Control announced today that they will be bringing the hit mobile puzzler ZHED to the Nintendo Switch this month. If you haven't tried the game out on iOS or Android, it's actually a pretty simple puzzler title that can become super complex. The game is based on a simple mechanic where it […]

Saints Row The Third Character Art

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Will Be Released In May 2020

More news from Deep Silver today as the company revealed that Saints Row: The Third Remastered will be released next month for multiple platforms. The original game released back in late 2011 was one of the biggest titles of the year, and in many ways, one of the last big titles before focus started swinging […]

5 Lives Studios revealed their second project Windbound, courtesy of Deep Silver.

Deep Silver & 5 Lives Studios Reveal Windbound For Release In August

Deep Silver along with developer 5 Lives Studios revealed this week that the studio's second project, Windbound, will be coming out this August. The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog, as the company announced the details of the title that's taken them five years to create. The game takes place on an archipelago that […]

Vigor Nintendo Switch

"Vigor" Is Launching A Closed Beta On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Bohemia Interactive announced this week that they will be setting up a closed beta for their upcoming game Vigor on the Nintendo Switch next week. A couple of weeks ago, the game was announced by Nintendo during their Mini Direct that the game was going to be headed to their console. What we didn't really […]

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"Resident Evil 3" Receives A Proper Launch Trailer

As the remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis dropped today, Capcom decided to treat fans to one more glimpse of the game with a launch trailer. The company has been doing a really awesome job in promoting this remake all the way from the initial leaks about the game to now. The graphics package has […]

EVE Online Eclipse (2020 Quadrant 2) Key Art

CCP Games Reveals Second Quadrant Of 2020 For "EVE Online"

CCP Games revealed today that EVE Online will soon be getting the Second Quadrant of 2020 added to the game as the devs present "Eclipse".  This is essentially going to be an expansion onto the game that will include new live events, celebrations, login campaigns, visual updates, huge balance changes, and new mysterious ships and […]

WRC 9 Announcement

NACON Announces "WRC 9", Next Two In Series Are In Production

This past week, NACON announced that they will be releasing WRC 9 in September, and that WRC 10 & 11 are in the works for the future as we speak. The company didn't release a ton of details about the content beyond what you see below, along with the announcement trailer. We do know it […]

Shoujo Jigoku no Doku Musume Main Art

Nippon Ichi Software Reveals "Shoujo Jigoku No Doku Musume"

Kinda out of the blue, Nippon Ichi Software revealed a brand new game this week with a trailer as we're getting Shoujo Jigoku No Doku Musume. The company revealed more details about it on their website, which we have for you below. But the short version is that this is a brand new action RPG […]

Daedalic Entertainment Will Release"Iron Danger" On March 25th

"Iron Danger" Receives One Last Gameplay Trailer

Daedalic Entertainment and Action Squad Studios have released one more trailer for Iron Danger, showing off the gameplay before it comes out this month. This one reveals more of the story to you while also showing off more of the game's unique mechanics. Especially the one where you can bend and mess with time to […]