Virtua Fighter Is Getting A New Game From SEGA

It appears SEGA heard the pleas from the masses as the company revealed there's a new Virtua Fighter title on the way. The company hasn't had a proper game in the series in over eight years, as the last title to be released was Virtua Fighter 5 back in 2012. Since then, SEGA has focused on other properties and it looked like they had basically abandoned the IP with the exception of releasing special editions and occasional ports. People have been begging for a new version of the series for years and have heard nothing but silence from the company… until today. During the Tokyo Game Show 2020 online events, SEGA took the time to drop a surprise on everyone with a brand new trailer for the series. You can see it on Twitter as they have yet to release an official version on YouTube, but this new game appears to have an esports element tied to it.

There's Akira Yuki, just staring at a wall with his back to us. Courtesy of SEGA.
There's Akira Yuki, just staring at a wall with his back to us. Courtesy of SEGA.

SEGA's CEO Haruki Satomi revealed that the project would be released on the company's 60th Anniversary, but beyond the little hint about esports in the trailer, not much else was said about the game. All things considered about both the anniversary and the proximity to next-gen consoles, we're guessing this will be a PS5/XSX release, most likely after the holiday season. If they had plans for it this Fall, we wouldn't be looking at Akira Yuki's backside. The esports thing seems like a given considering how successful Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, and other fighting titles VF used to compete with are doing well in that area. But to what scope and how in-depth of a game will we get beyond the combat is another question altogether. For now, we're just waiting for more info.

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