Warframe Shows Off The New Railjack That's On The Way

Digital Extremes decided to give a bit of a preview of the new Railjack that is coming to Warframe very soon. The team released a brand new developer video, which you can check out below, that serves as an in-depth walkthrough of the next PC update called Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack. While the update doesn't have a release date on it, the video goes over what's going to be coming with this next round of content for the game and how it will affect things going forward. Including some old tech that will be messing with a lot of things you do on a regular basis. Enjoy the video and the snippet info below from the team.

Get a better look at Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack, courtesy of Digital Extremes.
Get a better look at Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack, courtesy of Digital Extremes.

Warframe has several key strengths that have helped it stand the test of time in the world of video games. One of these strengths is a sense of "flow"; blade and gun blend together, and mission objectives are clear, challenging reflexes and awareness. From your first foray into the Star Chart, mission progress flows into Junction progress, leading to Questlines and other systems opening up naturally.

Enter Railjack. Technology from the Old War that when wielded today, could take all of Warframe's combat to Orbit. We tried many things that were different from the norm. While some elements did offer a unique spin on the existing formula, it was not for everybody, and many complaints cited the amount of separation from the main game as a negative. And we agree. To quote the venerable Cephalon Cy: We have work to do.

As we revisit Railjack in 2021, our overall goal is to simplify these points of friction, better integrating Warframe's signature "flow". This flow has evolved over the years for core Warframe, thanks in no small part to our continuous overhauls and revisits. From 'Bullet Jumping' to 'The Sword Alone', our path is rarely straight forward. If any Tenno out there chose to customize their Railjack Ship and name it 'Theseus', you may be onto something.

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