Warhammer 40K: Lost Crusade Adds Four Chapters In New Update

Nuverse announced this morning that they have added a brand new massive update to their mobile game Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade. The latest update brings with it four Space Marine chapters for you to choose from at the beginning of the game, with each of them unlocking unique skills and boosts that will aid you in your battles and enhance your fleet. But nothing comes for free as everything will be earned in hard-fought battles that will test your leadership in the game, as well as how your unites are used. This isn't blind fury mode where you can just swarm and conquer, you'll need some wits about you to make it happen. We have more details on what's included and the latest trailer.

Are you ready to fight across four new chapters and show no remorse? Courtesy of Nuverse.
Are you ready to fight across four new chapters and show no remorse? Courtesy of Nuverse.
Stranded in the Imperium Nihilus after being separated from the Indomitus Crusade, your fate may have looked dire – but the Imperium never abandons its. loyal subjects. Explore the Imperium Nihilus, manage and upgrade your fleet, recruit new troops, and lead them in real-time strategy PvE and PvP battles – all for the glory of the Emperor! Choose your favorite Chapter among some of the best warriors of the Imperium: Ultramarines, Raven Guard, Imperial Fists, and White Scars. Upon choosing your Chapter, you will be awarded with an exclusive avatar frame by collecting fragments through daily tasks.
By voting for your favorite Chapter and inviting friends, you'll earn in-game rewards and participate in lucky draws for even more prizes! And join your fellow Astartes in the Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade official communities (check the social media links below these lines)! Also, TikTok is releasing a new Ultramarine filter, so you can unleash your creativity for the glory of the Emperor.
  • Ultramarines, the epitome of the Astartes: noble, honorable, and disciplined, with brilliant logistics that allows them to rally bigger and better-armed forces.
  • Raven Guard, masters of stealth and speed, fighting unseen wars for the Emperor's glory, able to conceal their manoeuvres and deal devastating blows from the shadows.​
  • Imperial Fists, steadfast and loyal, strong of mind and spirit like a shield against the enemies of Man — deadlier and more resilient in a siege, be it as defenders or attackers.​
  • White Scars, fast and deadly as lightning, masters of hit-and-run tactics, and with the fastest move, recovery and attack speeds.​

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