WB Games Reveals Back 4 Blood With A New Trailer

Last week during The Game Awards 2020, WB Games revealed their latest title on the way with Back 4 Blood. Being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the game appears to be a four-player co-op survival shooter in which you are basically stuck in a zombie apocalypse, forced to rely on each other to now only survive but take out every undead walking monstrosity you see in order to continue living. The fun little twist to these zombies is that they appear to be born from some kind of alien worm-like creature that completely transforms them into mindless corpses. Oh, and it gets better, they mutate as well, so its not just the undead, its mutated undead.

Its just the four of you versus... everyone. Courtesy of WB Games.
It's just the four of you versus… everyone. Courtesy of WB Games.

The company also revealed this past week that there will be a closed PC alpha test, which will begin on December 17th. This will immediately follow the Back 4 Blood Gameplay Showcase and will run through December 21st. We have a couple of quotes from the developers about the game for you here, along with the trailer. Enjoy until everything starts this Thursday.

"Turtle Rock Studios, the talented team that put the co-op zombie genre on the map, is the perfect partner for us with Back 4 Blood as we pursue this important genre of gaming," said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Games. "This passionate development team is giving fans a new franchise that pushes this category of shooters forward with fun, frenetic combat."

"Our fans have been waiting a long time for us to return to our roots and it's amazing to finally show the world what we've been working on," said Chris Ashton, Co-founder and Design Director, Turtle Rock Studios. "We are making this game with our community in mind and are firing on all cylinders to give players a compelling zombie experience that is unlike any other."

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