Bethesda Teases Rage 2 Even Harder Now That Word is Out

After the Walmart Canada website leaked the news that Rage 2 was coming out, Bethesda really didn't have many options left other than to basically admit the entire thing — which they kind of did in a tweet that we talked about yesterday. So now that the cat's out of the bag, you've got one of two directions you can go in as a company: Keep your mouth shut or hype it up as much as possible. Bethesda decided to go with the latter. The company posted this new tweet with just an image of Big Ben being slathered in neon pink paint.

It's the same color from the tweet yesterday where people pointed out that the ad looks nothing like the actual artwork for the game. What makes this tweet interesting is that the time on the clock is set for 5:14, which people have pretty much surmised that it means we're getting a proper reveal for the game on May 14th — this coming Monday. What exactly that will entail is just as big a mystery to us as it is to you, but we're betting we'll at least see a proper logo for the game this time around.

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