We Tried The Samsung Gaming Hub At Summer Game Fest Play Days

This week, Samsung launched their new Gaming Hub onto several models of Smart TVs, but we got to try it at Summer Game Fest Play Days. The entire event actually got the hookup as every station was using an 8K television provided by Samsung, as they wanted to show was every video game would look like on their monitors. Which was an interesting concept to check out as there were a number of indie titles at the event who had not set their games up to be played in 8K. So everywhere you went, you got to experience what a lot of these titles will be like once 8K starts becoming more of a standard. For the time being, it's the shiny new thing that people are enjoying as we're getting to see what a lot of media performs like. But while that was a cool aspect of Play Days, testing out the Gaming Hub was also pretty awesome.

Samsung Officially Launches Their New Smart TV Gaming Hub
Credit: Samsung

We sat down and played a bit of Halo Infinite through the hub, as the game was live online with us jumping into a multiplayer match. The graphics were amazing as there were no latency issues that we could see as far as building out images as they came into view. The interactions were also crisp and had no flaws as we saw and felt Master Chief's rifle go off the moment we pulled the trigger. While there are a number of partners that Samsung is working with, we primarily got to test out the Xbox Game Pass integration, which as we have our own account at home, we could see worked flawlessly with all of the options available. If you're one of those gamers who are dead set on taking everything you have to cloud gaming, this is the setup for you as it gives you everything you need in an easy-to-navigate menu.

We will acknowledge that as cool as this was, we were playing it weeks ahead of its official launch, on dedicated internet. So how it will work with different internet connections with the hub going live for millions of players around the world will be an entirely different concept we would love to test. But when it's at its best, it's really awesome.

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