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Microsoft & Samsung Partner Once Again For The Xbox Series X
Microsoft and Samsung have announced a renewed partnership, this time around over their latest consoles, the Xbox Series X Today they revealed that the Samsung QLED has become the official TV partner of the console in both the U.S and Canada We have a little bit from the announcement below, but the shorthand is that[...]
Xbox & Samsung Partner For A Next-Gen Gaming Giveaway
Tonight we will see the finale of the Samsung Cyberpunk 2077 QLEDecode event as players will attempt to get a massive gaming package Microsoft, Samsung, and CD Project Red will celebrate both the launch of the new Xbox Series X/S as well as the countdown to the video game by giving the final five elite[...]
Xbox & Samsung Partner For A Next-Gen Gaming Giveaway
Xbox is looking to give away the ultimate next-gen console setup, and they've partnered with Samsung to help make it happen Along with CD Projekt Red, the company has decided to make things interesting and have you compete for it in a special Cyberpunk 2077 way of doing things All for a chance to win[...]
Pokémon GO Unveils Exclusive Avatar Sets in Collaboration with Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy has announced, through its brand sponsorship partners, new and exclusive avatars in Pokémon GO In this collaboration with mobile game developer Niantic, Samsung rolled out these avatar skins for a limited time to celebrate "the Summer of Samsung." The brand has recently worked to promote their devices through partnerships with social media influencers[...]
Samsung is Officially Ending Game Streaming Platform PlayGalaxy
Credit: Samsung You may not have recalled Samsung even had a game streaming platform, but it's set to be shut down. Samsung's PlayGalaxy Link PC-to-mobile option is going to be sunsetting on March 27, which is just about a week away PlayGalaxy has been largely dormant ever since it was launched, especially in the wake of other[...]
Samsung Unveils Their 2019 8K and 4K QLED TV Line
credit// Samsung Samsung has just unveiled their 2019 lineup of QLED TVs, which now includes their popular The Frame model. The 2019 model of The Frame will blend pristine QLED picture quality with over 1,000 works of art so your TV can be functional even when not in use The Frame will still include the various bezel[...]
The Samsung Q7F QLED TV is Too Good for Your Average Game
credit// Samsung The 55" Samsung Q7F is a massive and absolutely gorgeous display that's far too good for most of the things you'll ever use a TV for, and that includes most games Sure, there are a few exceptional games that look absolutely stunning on the QLED display, but the majority just don't do it justice[...]
Samsung Unveils a 75" 4K Modular Micro LED Display at CES
credit// Samsung Samsung Electronics has unveiled its latest attempts at modular Micro LED displays at CES this week, including a massive 75" 4K display, a 219" The Wall, and displays of various sizes, shapes, and configurations The Micro LED systems were first revealed to the public yesterday as part of Samsung's First Look CES event. The Micro[...]
Visually Stimulating: We Review the Samsung CHG70 Gaming Monitor
Back at E3 2018, we had the chance to chat with some reps from Samsung about all of the cool tech they were coming out with for PC and console gamers It took a few months, but the company finally sent us something we were dying to play with as we got their CHG70 Gaming Monitor[...]
Former Apple, Samsung Exec to Head Disney's Streaming Netflix-Competing Service
Looks like Disney is moving forward with that Netflix competition streaming service of theirs, having just hired former Apple and Samsung executive Kevin Swint as SVP and GM at BAMTech Media, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Swint will be building Disney's SVOD service, announced last year amid the removal of Disney films and TV series from[...]
Samsung Now Dealing With Legal Issues Over ZeniMax's VR Tech
ZeniMax already has a $500 million decision against Oculus in court that concluded back in February, but now it looks like the company is going after Samsung for the same issues On May 12, ZeniMax filed to take civil action against Samsung, who worked with Oculus in developing their Gear VR headset. You can find the complete[...]
Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Vs New iPad For Reading Digital Comics
In a new video David Berlanga looks at the merits of reading digital comics on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 over and above the new retina screen iPads. He starts by comparing print to digital, befoire comparing your digital reading choices around the eight minute mark During which he makes some very valid points I hadn't[...]