What Will Be The Chase Card Of Pokémon TCG: Evolving Skies?

What will be the chase card of the next Pokémon TCG expansion, Sword & Shield – Evolving Skies? Let's take a look at some of the cards from the Japanese sets Eevee Heroes, Sky Stream, and Towering Perfection that will combine to make up Evolving Skies. I'll predict based on the artwork, reaction to the card online, and characters featured what will be the chase card. This article will discuss value, but not from the lens of an investor, but rather from the lens of a Pokémon card collector watching the market in hopes to collect and complete sets. Let's get into it.

Japanese versions of upcoming Evolving Skies cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Japanese versions of upcoming Evolving Skies cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Rayquaza V or VMAX Alternate Art: Normally, an Alternate Art VMAX would be a bigger chase card with a higher value than an Alternate Art V. Alt VMAXs are Secret Rares while Alt Vs are not. However, the presence of Zinnie on the Alternate Rayquaza V, the superior artwork, and the way that it recreates the style of the Cosmic Eclipse character cards puts this one right up there with the VMAX for me. Chilling Reign has seen Galarian Moltres V rise up as the most valuable card in the set with a meteoric jump above the Blaziken VMAX, so all bets are off. This may be a hot take, but I'm thinking that both of these will be in the Top Five cards in the set with the V edging out the VMAX.
  • Noivern V Alternate Art: While I personally find this to be a weaker Alternate Art, many on social media are expressing love for this Batman-inspired Noivern. The darkness of the art and the Batman association will get this one up there.
  • Dragonite V Alternate Art: Folks love Dragonite, and this is a beautiful Pokémon card. I don't see it breaking the Top Five, but it won't be much lower than that.
  • Zinnia's Resolve Trainer Supporter: Zinnie is a popular character and this is a killer card. I believe it'll be the biggest chase Trainer card of the set, but that this time around, it'll be all about the Pokémon Alternate Arts.
Japanese versions of upcoming Evolving Skies cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Japanese versions of upcoming Evolving Skies cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Sylveon VMAX Alternate Art: I personally believe that every Eeveelution's Alternate Art cards will be pretty significant chase cards. However, we're discussing the top of the top here, and there are two species that tend to be more popular in Pokémon TCG sets than others… and that's Sylveon and Umbreon. Sylveon gets both an Alternate Art V and VMAX and while the V is beautiful, the mixture of incredible artwork, character popularity, and status as a Secret Rare will make the Sylveon VMAX the one to chase. I'm betting this will be the second or third-ranked card in the set. It' right up there with the Rayquaza.
  • Umbreon V Alternate Art: Personally, I prefer this to the VMAX because of its artwork. This will undoubtedly be a chase card, but the number one, definitive slot will, in my opinion, go to…
  • Umbreon VMAX Alternate Art: I predict that this will be the definitive chase card of Evolving Skies. It's a Secret Rare and it showcases Umbreon during an era where Alternate Cards reign supreme. I hate to say it because I love sets that are… you know, attainable — but I personally believe that this will be the highest valued Pokémon card since the Pikachu VMAX from Vivid Voltage.

What do you think about this upcoming Pokémon TCG set? Put your predictions in the comments below.

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