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When Will Zorua & Zororark Arrive In Pokémon GO?

There are very few Unova Pokémon left to be unveiled in Pokémon GO… but one of the remaining unreleased species is among the most popular in the entire franchise. Zorua and its evolution Zoroark are clearly being held back due to the immense hype that will come when they're released, but with the "Unova Unveiling" running over the span of over a year and a half now, when will these finally be released in Pokémon GO? We have our theories. Let's see if you agree.

Zorua & Zororark official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company International
Zorua & Zororark official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company International
  • Rivals Week: In the Pokémon anime, one of Ash's rivals (Gladion) used a Zoroark against the iconic trainer in battle. Could this be enough to warrant a Zorua release during Rival's Week? It's hard to say. The week does promise new Pokémon, but part of me thinks that Niantic knows the amount of hype that Zorua would bring to Pokémon GO and that they'd feed into the anticipation a bit more. Especially with Sylveon already being teased, I don't see this happening as soon as Rivals Week, but who knows? This is still a possibility but I wouldn't confidently say that I think Zorua will be released here. It'd make that event, though, that's for sure.
  • Ultra Bonus: This is a major possibility. Pokémon GO goes all out with their Ultra Bonus weeks and what better way to create some hype with wild spawns than to release the most anticipated Unova Pokémon? You know what I really think, though?
  • Halloween 2021Pokémon GO dropped the ball on Halloween 2020 in ways that are hard to quantify. The new release, Galarian Yamask, only had one encounter available. The new Shiny, Shiny Spiritomb, was prohibitively rare in tasks. The raids before the event, generally the most hyped of the year, were more exciting than the actual event. Niantic knows they need Halloween redemption, and Zorua is the key.

Do you have any theories?

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