Wired Productions Will Be Holding The Wired Direct On March 29th

Wired Productions revealed this week they're holding their own livestream featuring upcoming titles with Wired Direct. The company kind of made the announcement out of the blue as, like a lot of smaller independent publishers, we expected them to do more with larger events like the PC Gaming Show or Summer Game Fest or whatever E3 is planning now that their physical convention is probably not happening as planned in 2021. But it looks like they will indeed be doing their own livestream later this month to hype people up on their upcoming games as they have set a date for March 29th to be broadcast live on YouTube. The show will be hosted by Julia Hardy in what we're assuming at the moment will be pre-taped segments since we're still working with pandemic conditions. What exactly will they be talking about? The company gave a brief rundown to the press but not a lot of details.

Julia Hardy will be hosting the show on March 29th, courtesy of Wired Productions.
Julia Hardy will be hosting the show on March 29th, courtesy of Wired Productions.
  • A game from a team that brought you Fable!
  • Two sequels to existing Wired games
  • The squishiest hero ever to exist in a video game
  • A heart-breaking game about boxes
  • More news about upcoming thriller Martha Is Dead
  • And even more Big Ass Birds (The Falconeer)!
  • Along with trailers, developer interviews and so much more!

So we know for a fact there's some incoming news about The Falconeer based on the BAB reference they've been using on social media, most likely a DLC reveal. And we know Martha Is Dead is getting some development updates, but not much else of relevance that we can talk a lot from. We'll just have to wait out the next two and a half weeks until the show comes around to see what it is they have to show us. (Provided it isn't leaked to the public before then.)

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