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Kung Fury: Street Rage Gets An Arcade Cabinet DLC
Wired Productions and indie studio Nosebleed Interactive have added a new DLC to Arcade Paradise that will give you a Kung Fury arcade cabinet Bringing a whole new level of meta and crossover star power to the simulator game, you'll now have the ability to add this special movie-themed cabinet to the place as you can[...]
The Falconeer Officially Launches Free VR Update
Wired Productions have released a brand new update for The Falconeer this morning as you can now experience the game in VR Specifically released for PC via Steam, this version of the game will take the incredible story you've already been experiencing and bring it to life in a greater way with your VR headset[...]
Tin Hearts Releases Brand New Narrative Trailer
Wired Productions and developer Rogue Sun released a new narrative trailer for Tin Hearts during the Golden Joystick Awards 2022 This one has been in development for a short time now, as players will take on the role of a magically living toy soldier and his escapades through a toy-filled world as he and other soldiers[...]
Run A Hotel However You See Fit With Hotel Architect
Wired Productions and indie developer Pathos Interactive revealed their new management game Hotel Architect during the Future Games Show at Gamescom As you might imagine, the game will have you designing, building, and running a series of hotels in an effort to turn your fledgling hotel business into a global empire with spots around the[...]
New Narrative Game The Last Worker Receives its First Trailer
During the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2022, Wired Productions confirmed The Last Worker will be released this October We've had our eye on this game for a minute as it feels like a truly cinematic and poignant experience for our time, as you'll be playing a narrative adventure centered around the frequency of making[...]
Arcade Paradise Will
Wired Productions officially revealed that they are going to release Arcade Paradise this August for PC and all three major consoles This is essentially a management simulator title with a gaming spin as you will work to bring yourself up from running a sad little laundromat all the way to turning the place into the[...]
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Wired Productions and KeokeN Interactive have revealed the official release date for Deliver Us The Moon to come to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 The team will be releasing the game for both consoles on June 23rd, 2022, and it will be about as complete a version of the game as you can get with[...]
New Narrative Game The Last Worker Receives its First Trailer
Wired Productions revealed some of the voice cast who will be a part of The Last Worker during PAX East this week with some cool names in the cast The game, which is set in a factory where the staff has been depleted down to one person, has nabbed Zelda Williams (Rise of the Teenage[...]
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Wired Productions announced this week that they'll be bringing Deliver Us The Moon to PS5 and Xbox Series X next month This will be the complete version of the game with all of the bells and whistles released so far added to it, as you will be able to play this fun sci-fi title in[...]
Wired Productions Highlights Eight Games During Wired Direct
Wired Productions announced this morning they'll be bringing multiple games for people to check out during PAX East next month They revealed five of them for the public as we're getting The Last Worker, Arcade Paradice, Martha Is Dead, Lumote, and Tin Hearts, all of which have already been revealed or released in some fashion[...]
Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles Will Launch At PAX East
Wired Productions revealed this week that they will officially launch Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles during PAX East on April 21st The plan is to release the game for PC via Steam, as well as all three major consoles on that date as they show the game off to players at the event Plus, somewhere down[...]
Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles Will Launch In Late March
Wired Productions announced this morning that Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is coming to PC and consoles in late March Developed by Luminawesome Games Ltd, the game has been previewed in Early Access for two years now, with a demo available on Steam as we speak The full version is set to release on March 24th,[...]
New Narrative Game The Last Worker Receives its First Trailer
Wired Productions along with writer/director Jörg Tittel and his production company Oiffy released the first trailer for The Last Worker The trailer is pretty awesome as you're given a tour of the large shipping fulfillment center which serves as the backdrop for this narrative tale But as you might suspect, not everything here is as[...]
AVICII Invector Encore Edition Will Be Releas
Wired Productions announced today the VR hit AVICII Invector: Encore Edition will be coming to Quest 2 later this month Developed by Hello There Games, this title has done well as it carries on the legacy of Sweedish DJ AVICII, as you become the DJ playing the hits in a stunning visual experience All music[...]
Martha Is Dead Will Launch On PC & Consoles This February
Wired Productions revealed this week that they'll finally be releasing Martha Is Dead for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 this February The game has kinda been in the eyes of gamers for a while as they have been slow on the development and reveals for the gameplay, but now we know the game is[...]
The Falconeer Receives Limited Edition Double Vinyl
Wired Productions has teamed up with Limited Run Games to release a limited edition double vinyl soundtrack for The Falconeer This is a masterful work from the company as they have brought out the best in the sound and design from the game into a cool collectible item that's well worth your time to listen[...]
The Falconeer Heads To Nintendo Switch & Playstation In August
Wired Productions revealed today that they will be releasing The Falconeer: Warrior Edition for consoles this August As you might suspect, this edition of the game will come with everything that's been released for the game so far Including all the DLC, updates, and some bonus content on the side that makes this a complete[...]
Wired Productions Highlights Eight Games During Wired Direct
Wired Productions decided to highlight eight new and upcoming titles during their Wired Direct livestream today, each one looking pretty awesome A number of the games that are here have already been mentioned before, such as Martha Is Dead and Deliver Us The Moon, but we also got some surprise debut entries like Arcade Paradise[...]
Wired Productions Will Be Holding The Wired Direct On March 29th
Wired Productions revealed this week they're holding their own livestream featuring upcoming titles with Wired Direct The company kind of made the announcement out of the blue as, like a lot of smaller independent publishers, we expected them to do more with larger events like the PC Gaming Show or Summer Game Fest or whatever[...]
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Wired Productions has given us five codes to give away for the game to be used on Xbox consoles These codes work for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, although there is no next-gen version of the game at the moment All five codes are on a first-come-first-serve basis, once the code is claimed to[...]
The Falconeer Unleashed A New Update With The Kraken
Wired Productions released a new update this week into The Falconeer as players will now have to contend with The Kraken If the name didn't give it away, you'll be adventuring above the seas as you'll have to contend with a new threat from under the water A menacing beast awaits you in this latest[...]
Martha Is Dead Will Be Coming To The PS5 In 2021
Wired Productions confirmed this week that Martha Is Dead will officially be coming to the PS5 sometime in 2021 Along with developer LKA, the news was revealed during the 2020 Golden Joystick Awards, along with a new trailer showing off the game a bit We already knew the game was headed to the Xbox consoles[...]
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Wired productions took the liberty of making a brand new trailer for the game this week, only this one shows off how the game will appear and run on the Xbox Series X/S You can check out the trailer below as you're given a bit of a tour of the game, in all of its[...]
Wired Productions Announces New Psychological Thriller "Martha Is Dead"
Some news from Wired Productions today as they will be releasing Martha Is Dead on PC and Xbox Series X next year Developed by LKA, the same team behind The Town Of Light, the game plays into the psychological thriller theme in this new adventure title Set during the Second World War, the body of[...]
AVICII Invector Encore Edition Will Be Releas
Wired Productions and Hello There Games announced this week that AVICII Invector Encore Edition will be coming out in September 2020 The game is designed to continue the vision set out by AVICII by fusing music with gameplay, as this new edition will give players a new way to experience the artist's legacy This version[...]
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Wired Productions has a brand new trailer for The Falconeer today showing off more of the game's story ahead of release In the latest trailer, which you can see below, we see the Seachantress (voiced by Tegan Hitchens) as the player's main guide throughout what is the beautiful and immersive world of the Ursee[...]
Those Who Remain is a new psychological horror game that's out now.
Indie studio Camel 101 and Wired Productions have brought us another atmospheric adventure to wander through, and it just might chill you to your core. Those Who Remain is a new psychological horror game that's out now. You'll need to keep your wits about you as you explore the sleepy town of Dormont, a town that has[...]
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Wired Productions decided to drop into XO19 in London this week to announce that The Falconeer would be headed to the Xbox One in 2020 The game had already been announced for PC earlier this year, but now it can add Microsoft's console to the list The game will have its world debut at the[...]
"AVICII Invector" Delayed On Consoles and PC Until December
Credit: Wired Productions AVICII Invector is an upcoming music game published by Wired Productions and developed by Hello There Games It was previously slated to release on December 5, but now it's been pushed back to December 10 That means it won't be hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC for a few days later The[...]
"GRIP: Combat Racing" Adds The Iconic DeLorean 2650 With New DLC
Here's a little more info from Wired Productions on the new DLC. Credit: Wired Productions DeLorean Motor Company, one of the most beloved car manufacturers in the galaxy, has injected its flagship vehicle into GRIP: Combat Racing Armed, armoured, flippable and jet fuel-injected, it's the most souped-up DeLorean you will ever see – and pilot[...]