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Wolfenstein: The Board Game Reaches Its Kickstarter Goal

The folks over at MachineGames have a lot to celebrate as they have broken their Kickstarter goal for Wolfenstein: The Board Game. The company partnered with Bethesda Softwork to create a tabletop version of the classic first-person shooter. But like a lot of board game companies these days, they needed a little help to get this one off the ground, so they launched their own Kickstarter with the hopes that the fans of the series would be able to help them out. As far as campaigns go, this one was pretty modest as they put up a low-ball number of $50k for the backing price with an all-or-nothing tag attached to it. If we've learned anything from Kickstarter over the years, anything less than six figures that are popular will probably get funded, because it's not too hard to find 50,000 people willing to chip in $1.

A look at the Wolfenstein board game, courtesy of MachineGames.
A look at the Wolfenstein board game, courtesy of MachineGames.

Not only did they succeed, they thrived. They smashed through the $50k goal and currently (as of when we wrote this article) have about $575k. So it's pretty safe to say that not only are they going to make the game, but with eleven-times the funding, we'll probably see a lot more come out of the Wolfenstein title. If you'd like to contribute to the cause, they have less than two days until the Kickstarter campaign is complete. So there's still time to pay for one of the top-tier goals and get some of the special edition stuff. Which, if you're truly insane and love this franchise, there's a pledge goal of $1,200 that will get you a ton of stuff when the game is eventually released. Speaking of it being released, that will take place sometime in August 2021 as they need the time to mass-produce it and fulfill all the goals.

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