World Of Darkness Shows Vampire: The Masquerade Vampire Jam Results

World Of Darkness revealed the 2022 Vampire Jam winners with indie games based on Vampire: The Masquerade and Hunter: The Reckoning.

World Of Darkness showed off the results of the 2022 Vampire Jam, a challenge to make video games based on Vampire: The Masquerade and Hunter: The Reckoning. The jam basically put out the call to anyone willing to step up to the challenge of making original content based around their haunting TTRPG titles, as they wanted to see what new and innovative ideas people had. The month-long competition saw people enter several games centered around one of three themes: Love Among Monsters, Horrors Unbound, or The Hunt & The Hunted. below are the top three winners, as picked by WoD themselves, each one having a bit of a different vibe going for them. While we have this info below, you can check out more about each one at their respective links. And if you wish to see all of the games entered and try them for yourself, you can find them all at

Vampire: The Masquerade
Credit: World Of Darkness

1st Place: Sunset Chronicles: Sin City Blues

Set in 1980s Las Vegas, Sunset Chronicles: Sin City Blues is an isometric RPG where fresh vampires must slowly carve a path in the dark world surrounding them. Players can immerse themselves in a branching narrative full of hidden intrigues, difficult choices, and high stakes.

2nd Place: Rat Rhapsody: A Waning Crescent Game

In Rat Rhapsody: A Waning Crescent Game, a spited Nosferatu navigates the Camarilla court to uncover the truth behind his lover's betrayal. A unique twist on the dating sim theme, players must form alliances, pursue new love interests, and risk making enemies to unravel the mystery.

3rd Place: Bitter Nights: Case of the Bleeding Hearts

Classic noir meets Vampire: The Masquerade in this dark visual novel. Follow a Malkavian private eye as he investigates a murder threatening to damage the Masquerade between vampires and mortals.

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