World Of Warships Adds German Aircraft Carriers In Latest Update

Wargaming has released a new update for World Of Warships as they have brought German Aircraft Carriers into the game. These boats present a new option of air combat as they can deploy small planes to scout or provide a distraction as you get into position. What's more, three new ships will become available with this update in the form of the Tier IX German battleship Pommern, the Tier VI German carrier Erich Loewenhardt, and the Tier X Soviet battleship Slava. The update also adds a new Ranked sprint with a 3-v-3 format, new upgrades added to the Research Bureau in the Armory, a renewed Hamburg port, and other technical improvements and bug fixes. You can learn much more about the update from the seven-minute presentation below that Wargaming put together, as we also have details and screenshots to go with it here.

Out at sea, not even the skies are safe in World Of Warships. Courtesy of Wargaming.
Out at sea, not even the skies are safe in World Of Warships. Courtesy of Wargaming.

The German aircraft carriers branch features a series of capital ships that were either planned or partially constructed in the lead-up or during World War II, but never actually deployed. The German planes of these aircraft carriers have low HP pools but feature high speeds. The attack aircraft carry a new type of armor-penetrating rockets that are capable of inflicting heavy damage to enemy citadels with accurate shots. Torpedoes carried by the planes are fast, but short ranged. The dive bombers stationed on these aircraft carriers are armed with armor piercing bombs.

Update 0.9.7 also brings a new expansive in-game Collection called "Germany Navy". This Collection includes unique collectibles such as emblems, ships, planes, uniforms, and historical personalities that pay homage to the history of German naval forces in the first half of the 20th century. The first elements will drop from new German Navy containers which can be obtained by completing Directives, combat missions and in the Armory. Players who completed the collection will receive the ability to feature a second flag and to use an alternative color scheme for their German ships.

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