Xbox Sets Up New Menu Donation Option For CDC Foundation

Xbox has launched a new option on its menu for gamers to be more proactive with coronavirus aid with a donation option to the CDC Foundation. The company has added a new app, which you can see in the image below, where players in the U.S. can donate to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by playing games. This is being done through the use of the Microsoft Rewards program. If you're not familiar with it, Microsoft Rewards members earn points by playing games and doing other activities on their console. This system will allow you to donate those rewards to the CDC. Here's a details explanation from the company as to how the system works.

Xbox CDC Foundation Donation
Credit: Xbox

Go to the Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox One. If you are not already a Microsoft Rewards member, sign up for free through the Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox One or online. Find the CDC Foundation donation page within the Microsoft Reward apps – or look for it on your Xbox One home screen. Donate your Rewards points to the CDC Foundation, then Microsoft will match your donation one-to-one. 1,000 Rewards points is equal to $1 donated. Xbox One owners can earn Microsoft Rewards by (but not limited to) completing the limited time "Do Your Part From Home" punch card, playing select new Xbox games and completing Xbox Game Pass Quests, renting and purchasing movies and TV through the Microsoft Movies & TV app, exploring new content and entertainment apps, and shopping through the Microsoft Store on their Xbox.

Depending on the kind of gamer you are, you either have a ton of points already stacked up waiting to use them on something, or you play so frequently that it's not hard to rack them up. For some who want to help but don't have the cash to do so, this is an ideal way to use the resources you have to help out.

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