We Now Know What The Halo 3 Testing Will Include

We Now Know What The Halo 3 Testing Will Include

343 Industries revealed recently what will all be included in the Halo 3 testing before it heads to the Master Chief Collection. The devs revealed the details on a recent post, going over some of the features that will be added to the test flight. You can check out the entire list below, but the […]

Minecraft Dungeons Has Two DLC Packs Coming In 2020

Minecraft Dungeons Has Two DLC Packs Coming In 2020

Minecraft Dungeons has barely been out for almost a week and already we're hearing that Mojang has some DLC content on the way. The game is already receiving some popular reviews, which we'll have ours shortly, with people wondering how much more is on the way. The company revealed on their blog that they have […]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

Xbox Series X Will Launch With Advanced Backward Compatibility

This morning the Xbox Team has an interesting announcement that will make the Xbox Series X a valuable commodity this holiday season. The announcement came on Xbox Wire from Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management for Xbox Series X, as he went into the concept of preserving your gaming legacy. There's a lot to unpack, […]

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Sea Of Thieves Receives The Free Lost Treasures Update

Sea Of Thieves just got a free update from the developers at Rare, as pirates can now get in on the Lost Treasures found in the sea. The details of the update came out on Xbox Wire today, which will give players a few new things to do. This includes daily bounties for people to […]

Someone Beat "Halo 3" With a "Guitar Hero" Guitar On Legendary

Halo 3 Will Start Testing For Master Chief Collection Soon

It looks like 343 Industries will get to work on remastering Halo 3 multiplayer for the Master Chief Collection sooner and expected. After successfully setting up Halo 2 just a few weeks ago and getting praise from gamers old and new alike for the work done on the multiplayer maps, we were curious how long […]

Minecraft Adds Pac-man To The Game For 40th Anniversary

Minecraft Adds Pac-man To The Game For 40th Anniversary

As a bit of a tribute to Pac-Man's 40th anniversary, Mjoang has added the iconic character into Minecraft for people to use. It shouldn't come as any surprise that game developers would pay tribute to it, as Pac-Man's success in the early '80s is responsible for modern gaming being what it ss in many ways. […]

Xbox Game Studios & Obsidian Entertainment Announce "Grounded"

Xbox Insiders Club Will Get To Try Grounded In Mid-June

Some cool news for those using the Xbox Insiders Club as you'll get a chance to try out Grounded in just a couple of weeks. Microsoft revealed yesterday that they will be doing a test-flight for the game that will run from June 9th-14th, 2020. You'll also have a chance to try it out on […]

Sea Of Thieves Is Coming To Steam On June 3rd

Sea Of Thieves Is Coming To Steam In A Few Weeks

Microsoft and  Rare announced today that Sea Of Thieves would finally be coming to Steam in just a few weeks. The game will officially drop into the store on June 3rd, offering up the massive pirate treasure hunting game for you and your friends to explore. By all accounts, the Steam version will have all […]

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Mojang Rebrands Their Logo & Plans To Develop More Games

For the longest time, Mojang has been known primarily for one thing: Minecraft. This week, that all changes as they look ahead. Ever since Markus Persson founded the company back in 2009 and released the game that would change not only the industry but indie gaming for the next decade, the two brands have been […]

Halo: Infinite

343 Industries Will Do A Bigger Halo Infinite Reveal In July

Those of you looking to get more info on Halo Infinite this summer will get your chance in a couple of months, as confirmed by 343 Industries. The company recently posted a new blog entry about the game's anniversary and giving a proper analysis for fans about everything Halo currently happening. Which they kind of […]

Phil Spencer believes COVID-19 will impact the game industry more in early 2021.

Phil Spencer Thinks Gaming Will Be Impacted By COVID-19 By 2021

Xbox head Phil Spencer believes the greatest impact from COVID-19 on the video game industry is still yet to come. According to a report from Business Insider, Spencer believes that, despite the Xbox Series X's impending holiday launch later this year, problems could still be mounting. "Mocap is just something that's basically stopped. We're not […]

Halo 2: Anniversary is finally making its way to PC next week.

Halo 2: Anniversary is Finally Headed to PC Next Week

Soon, Halo fans will be able to enjoy the second game in the series on PC as 343 Industries releases Halo 2: Anniversary for Halo: The Master Chief Collection next week. That means it'll be hitting the platform just in time for summer to kick off. Previously, Xbox Insider accounts were invited to try the […]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

Microsoft Announces Xbox 20/20 With A New Inside Xbox On May 7th

Microsoft announced this morning a new event called Xbox 20/20, which will begin with a new episode of Inside Xbox on May 7th. The show appears to be the first in a series of events that will replace what the company had planned for E3 2020 this year before it got canceled. Topics for the […]

The Xbox Elite controller is facing a class-action lawsuit.

Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Xbox Elite Controller Drift

First, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers were in the crosshairs over drifting issues. Now, a class-action lawsuit is alleging that Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller is responsible for much of the same. According to VGC, a mass amount of Xbox owners have experienced issues with controller "drift" with their Xbox Elite models over the last few […]

Fable 2004 Artwork

Latest Rumors Suggest Xbox Game Studios Is Working On A Fable Title

If you believe the latest rumors flying about, it would seem Xbox Game Studios may be working on a new Fable title. We haven't heard a lot from the franchise over the years, despite being one of the more popular titles to come from Lionhead Studios before they shut down a few years ago. Aside […]

Phil Spencer commented on concerns that games for Xbox Series X could be delayed.

New Xbox Series X On Schedule, But Its Games May Not Be

Xbox Head of Gaming Phil Spencer isn't worried about the Xbox Series X being ready for Holiday 2020. Instead, he's more concerned about potential delays in game production that could put a damper on gamers' plans to pick up new titles for their shiny systems when they finally hit the market. CNBC spoke to Spencer […]

Microsoft Says Xbox Game Pass Users Buy More Games and Play More Genres

Microsoft Reports It Has Surpassed 10 Million Xbox Game Pass Users

Microsoft released details about their quarterly results this week, and there's a few things to celebrate for Xbox. First off, even though gaming revenue was down 1%, the Xbox content and services revenue was up by 2%. Operating income was up 15%, which is the same percentage for revenue for the company as a whole […]

Minecraft Earth is getting a new series of blind box figures.

Mattel Releasing New Minecraft Earth Figures This Month

Mattel is hard at work on bringing a brand new line of adorable Minecraft figures to retailers later this month that you can actually use in-game with Minecraft Earth. Much like you can scan amiibo figures into games with the Nintendo Switch, these new toys will come in a variety of different mobs from the […]

Sea Of Thieves Ships Of Fortune

Sea Of Thieves Launches The Free April Update Ships Of Fortune

Microsoft and Rare revealed the free update to Sea Of Thieves for April 2020 as you will be dealing with new rivals in Ships Of Fortune. Much like other updates, you're going to be getting more challenges with a chance at greater fortune. But, of course, there's no reward without an extra bit of risk. […]

Minecraft RTX

You Can Try Out The Minecraft RTX Beta Right Now

Minecraft has moved into a new age as NVIDIA has launched an open beta for players to experience it in RTX on Windows 10. This project has been ongoing for a while as, to be pretty blunt, the NVIDIA team wanted to put an extra bit of shine onto a game that sometimes can look […]