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You Can Now Freely Play Bard Music In Neverwinter

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have added a new feature to the Bard in Neverwinter as you can now play songs freely. One of the best things to do as a Bard in Dungeons & Dragons is to make up your own songs or sing familiar ones or make parody versions of music to cast spells. Because that's the power of imagination and creativity in the game! Britney Spears' "Toxic" can poison someone if you want. Well, not the dev team has made it so you can play whatever music you'd like in the game using the lute. We have the details from he developers along with some video examples as the latest update will let you make your own music as yous ee fit.

Would you like to hear me play "Stairway To Heaven"? Courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment.
Would you like to hear me play "Stairway To Heaven"? Courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment.

A Bard would not be a Bard if they were not able to spend their leisure time crafting tunes about their exploits, and fill the world of Neverwinter with music for all to enjoy. When a Bard is out of combat, a new mode called "Free Perform" can be accessed at any time by pressing the F12 key on PC, the LB trigger and RS on Xbox One and the L1 trigger and R3 on PS4 by default. In this mode, the Bard not only has access to the 8 base notes, but also has access to octaves and accidentals by pressing and holding the trigger buttons on Xbox One and PS4, and the arrow keys on PC.

Thanks to the mode's unique depth and mechanics, players can use their equipped instrument, such as a trusty lute, to create their own original songs or even cover popular songs – from classic songs like "Happy Birthday to You" to theme songs from beloved TV shows and hits from popular artists. According to Neverwinter Senior Designer Salim Grant, who co-led the development of the Bard class, the class' unique Free Perform Mode was inspired by the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's ocarina mechanic.

"With the Bard class' Free Perform Mode, we're hoping it brings a lot of creativity and musical enjoyment to players, just like the ocarina playing mechanics did in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," said Salim Grant, Neverwinter Senior Designer. "The Free Perform Mode was specifically created for players to express their inner Bard as they play tunes for fellow adventurers whenever they like. With the Bard class, we wanted to provide as much customization as possible to our players, especially our players who are Dungeons & Dragons fans, so they feel like they can become the Bard they've always wanted to be."

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