Zekrom & Zacian Arrive With New Sync Pairs In Pokémon Masters EX

Mobile developer DeNA Co., Ltd. and the Pokémon Company International has announced the arrival of two new sync pairs in Pokémon Masters EX. Here's the scoop on this new Legendary development.

Zekrom in Pokémon Masters EX. Credit: DeNA
Zekrom in Pokémon Masters EX. Credit: DeNA

In an electrifying bit of news, DeNA announced that Zekrom, the Legendary Dragon from the Unova region that debuted in Pokémon Black and White, will join Pokémon Masters EX along with Trainer N. This new Synch pair is set to arrive in the game on Wednesday, December 23rd at 10 PM Pacific. This sync pair will be able to be added to players' teams through the sync pair spotlight scout. Zekrom and Trainer N are set to feature in the "The Ideal Formula" story event.

Pokémon Masters EX can preview the upcoming arrival of Trainer N and Zekrom with this official trailer which shows in-game footage.

In addition to the Trainer N and Zekrom news, there is also a Legendary from the current generation of games, Pokémon Sword and Shield, coming in a brand new event. Along with the trainer Gloria, Zacian will debut in Pokémon Masters EX starting right now. This new sync pair will be available, as will a gift of 3,000 Gems, to anyone who logs in from now until December 30th at 9:59 PM Pacific. This amount is enough to add up to 11 sync pairs to players' teams.

Players may need that amount as well, because a host of sync pairs are set to return to Pokémon Masters EX. DeNA announced the following pairs:

  • Sygna Suit Red & Charizard
  • Synga Suit Blue & Blastoise
  • Sygna Suit Leaf & Venusaur

These three returning sync pairs will be available throughout the holiday, until December 31st at 9:59 PM Pacific. For those excited for the return of the ultimate evolutions of these iconic Kanto starters, DeNA debuted a trailer focusing on these three sync pairs as well, which can be viewed here.

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