Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters Receives A Massive Update At The End Of June

DeNA has added a massive new update into Pokémon Masters today, giving you a ton of new things to do and new content to explore. Some of the new additions include having Serena & Fennekin join the game, along with new Shiny Pokémon and new Pokémon Eggs. There's a new Full-Force battle format to test […]

Pokémon Masters is getting its fair share of new content over the next few weeks.

Here's What You Can Expect From Pokémon Masters Soon

Pokémon Masters is adding a slew of new content at the end of May and early June, including a new story event and Sync Pair. If you've been waiting for a reason to return to the game, this might very well be it, as there's a lot being added that anyone can participate in, as […]

Pokémon Masters has temporarily added Pokémon Gold and Silver's Jasmine and Steelix.

Pokémon Masters Adds Jasmine and Steelix For A Limited Time

The DeNA-published Pokémon game Pokémon Masters is welcoming Gold and Silver's Jasmine and her partner Steelix. Jasmine will be available under the game's Spotlight Scout Banner from now through June 4th. Jasmine will offer a support role with Steelix for your Pokémon team. Jasmine and Steelix are the only Support Steel-Type Sync Pair in Pokémon […]

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Pokémon Masters Receives A Content Update With Upcoming Events

It's been a minute since we heard from DeNA about Pokémon Masters, but now the game has a fresh new update with events. The devs had introduced Pokémon Eggs and the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh into the game back in late-April as a sort of short-term update while we were all still in self-quarantine. Now the latest […]

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You Can Now Hatch Eggs & Partner Up In Pokémon Masters

DeNA has revealed a brand new feature for Pokémon Masters today, as you can now hatch eggs and partner up with a Pokémon. The company has released a new update for that game where players now have the ability to obtain Eggs that hatch into one of the three partner Pokémon. You can get either […]

"Pokémon Masters" Receives A Massive Update For Pokémon Day

"Pokémon Masters" Receives A Massive Update For Pokémon Day

DeNA and The Pokémon Company have released a massive update for Pokémon Masters this morning to celebrate Pokémon Day properly! We have the full list of additions below as they went all out to make this an event for players. Which includes new story chapters, more evolutions, a new story event, more added characters, free […]

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Professor Oak Joins The Fray As A New Opponent In "Pokémon Masters"

Pokémon trainers are in for a world of problems as the man who trained you, Professor Oak, becomes an opponent in Pokémon Masters. To be more specific, he is now a new trainer for players to pick up, as he is accompanied by Mew as his main creature to battle with. To get him you […]

Zinnia & Rayquaza arrive in Pokémon Masters!

Rayquaza & Trainer Zinnia Have Arrived In "Pokémon Masters"

Pokémon Masters just got an amazing new challenge as an in-game event has launched called The Dragon That Rules The Sky, featuring a new trainer. This event takes you to the Hoenn region where Trainer Zinnia (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) along with her Rayquaza join the Alolan region Pokémon Professor Kukui to investigate a […]

"Attack On Titan Tactics" Receives A Ton Of New Year's Content

"Attack On Titan Tactics" Receives A Ton Of New Year's Content

This week, DeNA added a brand new update to Attack On Titan Tactics, giving you a bunch of New Year's content for you to battle through. We have the full list for you below, which includes new missions, outfits, and other events you can take part in. But be quick as all of the content […]

"Pokémon Masters" Launches A New Two Champions Story Event

DeNA is kicking off the new year in Pokémon Masters by launching a new story event for the next few weeks called "Two Champions". Starting today and running until 9:59pm PT on January 19th, you'll be dealing with two Dragon trainers in Cynthia (Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl) and Lance (Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue). You'll also see a […]

"Pokémon Masters" Receives A Holiday Event With Decorations

DeNA officially started up their own event in Pokémon Masters today as we get a few new additions, but mostly decoration and costumes. We have the full set of additions for you below, including a new look for the Pokémon Center, a story event that kicks off on December 23rd, and some special bonuses just […]

"Attack On Titan Tactics" Announces A New Holiday Event

DeNA and Crunchyroll announced a new holiday event headed to Attack On Titan Tactics, as the Fanciful Story will be kicking off next week. Basically, it's a chance to see everyone dress up in holiday gear like Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlelt, and Annie Leonhart. Plus a story that tries to celebrate the holidays in the […]

Mewtwo & Giovanni Make Their Way Into "Pokémon Masters"

Mewtwo & Giovanni Make Their Way Into "Pokémon Masters"

Today, the Lurking Shadows event has dropped into Pokémon Masters, and with it comes two familiar faces in Mewtwo and Giovanni. The psychic-linked duo will be available from now until December 18th at 9:59pm PST. You'll be able to battle against the duo while also gaining more insight into their arrival on Pasio and their relationship with Team Break. […]

DeNA's "Pokémon Masters" has Launched Globally on iOS and Android

"Pokémon Masters" Gets A Video Update From Producers

Earlier today, the producers at DeNA released a video giving a couple of major updates to Pokémon Masters players about what's coming. The video basically highlights some of the new content coming to the game over the next several weeks, as new trainers and chapters are on the way. You can read some of the […]

"Pokémon Masters" Adds In Three New Chapters With More Callbacks

Pokémon Masters received three new chapters of content this week, as DeNA is pulling more references from past games into the mix. Starting with Calem and Espurr being added to the game, the first from Pokémon X & Y. You also can now snag Torchic as a Partner Pokémon, giving you an option beyond Pikachu […]

DeNA's "Pokémon Masters" has Launched Globally on iOS and Android

"Pokémon Masters" Is Getting More Content From Previous Games

Those of you playing Pokémon Masters will be excited to learn there's more content on the way, some of it from previous Pokémon games. DeNA announced they're adding three new story chapters for players to explore, as well as Calem from Pokémon X & Y into the mix. We have all the new additions for […]

"Pokémon Masters" Is Getting A Familiar Gym Leader

"Pokémon Masters" Is Getting A Familiar Gym Leader

DeNA announced a new gym leader is coming to Pokémon Masters as you'll be seeing an annoying but familiar face with Elesa and her Zebstrika. These two come from the adventures you had in Pokémon Black & White, as one of the harder and frustrating leaders in the game. You can see some info and […]

"Mario Kart Tour"

"Mario Kart Tour" Tokyo Tour Races To Mobile Devices This Week

Mario Kart Tour is headed to Tokyo as the game's second set of courses arrive in the game. The update is coming to the game starting at 3 AM ET on October 9. The official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account posted some quick concept art from the upcoming tracks. You'll race through scenic vistas and […]

"Attack on Titan Tactics" is Now Available on iOS and Android

"Attack on Titan Tactics" is Now Available on iOS and Android

DeNA, Crunchyroll Games, Funimation, and Kodansha have launched the mobile RTS game Attack on Titan Tactics on iOS and Android in North America today. The game is an officially licensed mobile title based on the anime series, and can now be downloaded in the US, Canada, and Australia. Attack on Titan Tactics is a tower defense […]

DeNA's "Pokémon Masters" has Launched Globally on iOS and Android

DeNA's "Pokémon Masters" has Launched Globally on iOS and Android

DeNA and The Pokémon Company have the highly anticipated mobile game Pokémon Masters for Android and iOS devices. The game is now available for download on the worldwide market. Based on the globally popular Pokémon entertainment franchise, Pokémon Masters is a mobile strategy game that features 3-on-3 battles in real time. In the game, players […]