Ziggurat Interactive Releases Five More Data East Arcade Titles On PC

Ziggurat Interactive is continuing their push to re-releasing old-school video games as they have revealed five more from Data East to PC. All five of the games they have this time around are from the company's arcade era, as you'll have the chance to enjoy Joe & Mac Returns, Wizard FireBreakThruNightslashers, and coming in July, Fighter's History. The four that are already out can be found on GOG, Steam, and the Humble Store. Here are the details on all five for those who haven't played them before.

Credit: Ziggurat Interactive
Credit: Ziggurat Interactive
  • Joe & Mac ReturnsThe comedic caveman ninjas return for more dino-smashing fun! This 2D side-scrolling platformer challenges players to rescue the damsels in distress, all while avoiding attacks from dinosaurs and other cavemen!
  • Wizard FireGather a group of hearty adventurers and prepare to explore mysterious lands and battle deadly foes in this fantasy beat 'em up! Choose from one of five character types — Knight, Wizard, Dwarf, Bard, and Elf — and delve into dangerous dungeons in your quest to rid the land of evil.
  • BreakThru: Fire up your four wheels of fury and smash your way through waves of vehicular foes in this 2D shooter. Race, jump, and blast through five different environments in your quest to take back a stolen high-tech fighter jet. Unload a fearsome arsenal on enemy soldiers, ground vehicles, and aircraft as you battle for supremacy!
  • Night Slashers: Waves of undead are attacking, and it's up to you, as one of three monster hunters from around the globe, to take 'em down in this 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up.
  • Fighter's History (Coming July): A mysterious invitation is sent out to elite warriors from across the globe to compete in The Great Fighters Competition. This 2D arcade fighter lets you choose between nine unique competitors, each with their own movesets and abilities to compete for the championship — and their lives! Fighter's History will be available in July.

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