Assassin's Creed Games Will Feature Modern Day Sections And The 'First Civilisation' Going Forward

I'm actually a huge fan of Assassin's Creed's modern era sections. I thought the meta-game developer potions that Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag explored were a really neat idea. I find the present day framing adds a crutial back bone to the series.

Sadly, that whole concept was largely thrown to the wind in Assassin's Creed Unity. There were a few voice over and cut scene parts, but your interaction with the 'real' world was severely limited. According to series head writer Darby McDevitt though, it will be a focus in future games. During a community livestream (via Eurogamer), the writer confirmed that future sections would be present in upcoming games and then talked about why there were a lack in Unity.

We always plan to have more modern day but we have to be really smart about how we do it. There was a plan for a little more modern day in Unity – a plan. Nothing that was actually cut.

The thing with Unity was that it was a completely fresh game on a completely fresh generation. So creating any kind of modern day is a pretty huge ask. To create a city, for instance, or even part of a city, would require six months of work by many, many artists, designers, modellers. And then you'd need gameplay systems that didn't feel like you were just fencing.

Another portion of the Assassin's Creed lore that has been missing was also talked about in the stream. McDevitt talked about the 'first civilisation', which were big parts of the earlier games, would likely be prominent in future games. He explained the process of working with that lore and how it will be explored in the future.

I particularly love the lore. I've been working the past two years, with all the other writers, on getting a great document together on the First Civilisation.

We've created 500, 600, 700 years worth of history that we hope to start teasing out for the next 10, 20 years or however long we're around.

So me and the other writers have been, as a side-project to really make sure all future projects have this cool timeline to go from, creating this huge First Civ history. With all the big moments and a ton of small moments you've never thought of. So every future writer can say 'I want to reference Juno again, or Minerva' and see where she was at a specific date… and how far along was the First Civ-human war going.

I must confess, I've often found the 'first civilisation' stuff pretty incoherent and uninteresting in terms of the broader Assassin's Creed universe. A focused lore bible might help that though. We will see.

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