Batman, Donald Trump And A Dog Dress As Robin – Inside The Gotham Panel At NYCC


By Rich Epstein

Gotham actors David Munoz, Robin Lord Taylor and Erin Richards were on hand at NYCC to talk about Season 3 of Gotham, but Donald Trump and Munoz's dog stole the show.

With Penguin currently in the midst of a mayoral run on Gotham, Taylor couldn't help but compare the storyline to the Trump candidacy. "At this rate Penguin looks pretty friggin good" he told the readily-agreeing crowd. "At this point I think the Gotham writers are writing our reality." It wasn't the only time that Trump's name came up. Richards, who is British, implored con-goers to vote Hillary, since she cannot. She then apologized for Brexit. Taylor agreed, pointing out that Penguin would never be caught making such vulgar comments on a hot mic.

It wasn't all politics though. After a fan asked Taylor about his cat, Richards told the audience about a stray she was feeding regularly who seemed to grow to hate her more each day. The other panelists asked Munoz if he had a cat, to which he said no, but he did have a dog dressed up as Robin. He then brought the pet out from backstage. Sure enough, the dog was in cosplay, which the crowd loved.


In between talk of Trump and dogs there was time to talk about Gotham. Munoz talked a bit about the mutual envy between Bruce and clone-Bruce. While the clone, who lived his entire life in a lab, envied the life that Bruce has lived, Bruce also envisages the freedom the clone has, not having to carry on the Wayne legacy and not being afraid to approach Selena. Bruce "doesn't have the balls to say it, but he likes Selena."

Taylor told us a little more about Penguin's relationship with Nigma. He said Penguin is all about heart while Nigma uses his head. Penguin is learning how to think through situations and organize his thoughts from Nigma.

He also talked a bit about Penguin's motivations this season. He said Penguin still remembers Hugo Strange's brainwashing, and remembers being a good and caring person. When he snapped last season, Penguin didn't just go back to being the cold-hearted killer he had been. He is now something between the two. His mayoral run is for real, as he really wants to be admired and respected by the people.


Richards spoke of Barbara's relationship with Tabitha. There's no jealousy of Tabitha's relationship with Butch, Barbara considers herself a free spirit and doesn't want to chain anyone else. Richards said that Barbara needs Tabitha's strength and skills to keep Sirens going, and teased that Barbara will go "guns blazing" at some point when someone tries to take Tabitha.

There was tremendous praise for production design, noting all the touches that the camera doesn't even pick up, such as Penguin's step-mother being ripped from all the pictures in the mansion and the carefully selected books lining the shelves.

Perhaps the line of the panel came from an older fan during the Q&A. After Munoz had stated that he "enjoyed playing with himself" while talking about the clone, uhe fan asked Munoz to clarify that statement, telling him "we don't want Batman to become Daredevil."

Gotham airs Mondays at 8:00p.m on Fox.

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