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"The Brides": "Gotham" Alum Erin Richards Joins ABC Pilot for Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Greg Berlanti's "Dracula" Take

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Greg Berlanti's (You, Batwoman) The Brides has rounded out Count Dracula's (Goran Visnjic) three brides – with Gotham alum Erin Richards set for the final lead role. The actress joins Visnjic, Gina Torres, Katherine Reis, Chris Mason, and Sophia Tatum on what ABC describes as a "vampire soap" about empowered, […]

"Gotham" Season Five Arrives on Blue-Ray With Cut Scenes

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) was the one constant that ran through Gotham's five seasons on Fox. Sure, Gordon himself wasn't terribly constant, often-times running through life as the ultimate boy-scout, others as a cold-blooded killer — hell, he even tried to destroy the city once or twice. And really, the only thing that was holding […]

Gotham Season 5: As The City Falls, The "Legend of The Dark Knight" Rises (TRAILER)

Think Gotham City is a rough place to live now? Imagine taking a pre-Batman Gotham City and isolating it off from the rest of the world – pretty scary thought, right? That's the premise behind The Dark Knight's backstory series Gotham when the series returns to Fox for its fifth -and final – season on January 3, 2019. When […]

Gotham Season 5: As The City Falls, The Villains Rise (TEASER)

Think Gotham City is a rough place to live now? Imagine taking a pre-Batman Gotham City and isolating it off from the rest of the world – pretty scary thought, right? That's the premise behind The Dark Knight's backstory series Gotham when the series returns to Fox for its fifth -and final – season on […]

Gotham Season 4: the Most Surprising Moment of the Season

We're now looking at the most surprising moments in the recently concluded (except for Supergirl) seasons of the big superhero shows. Each show has multiple surprise moments, some bigger than others, but I'm judging based on how much the surprise affected the series, a single character or was just out of the blue. Here we […]


Gotham Season 4: While the Penguin's Away, the Sirens Will Play

After almost three full months, Gotham season 4 returns tonight on Fox. And while Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) is in Arkham Asylum with his new best friend Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), the Iceberg Lounge is being reverted back to its original owners and name, the Sirens Club. In what almost looks like a late-night television ad, […]

The Gotham Finale – A Fireworks Display Mixed With A Festival In Outer Space

Erin Richards, who plays Barbara Kean on Gotham, describes the series third season finale as 'A fireworks display mixed with a festival in outer space.' That's a pretty high mark to live up to. She and other members of the cast tease tonight's 2-hour event in a final sneak peek. The Gotham series finale airs […]

Leslie Thompkins Has Not Forgotten What Barbara Kean Did To Her

It only took two years and an insanity and strength increasing virus, but Leslie Thompkins is finally going after Barbara Kean. It was the end of season one when Babs (Erin Richards) tried to kill Lee (Morena Baccarin), now as we reach the end of season three we see that things have not been forgotten. […]

Gotham – Building Down To Needing Batman

Season 3 of Gotham which premieres September 19th is set to see Bruce Wayne working towards deciding to become Batman. When asked by a fan if we will see Bruce become Batman in the next few seasons the show runners replied that he will start to become more physical but he is still a long […]

Ask Stabby Babs – Erin Richards To Do Twitter Q&A Today For Gotham

Twitter Q&A's with television starts are not that rare and we don't post about them most of the time. But later today, 9 ET / 6 PT, on the @Gotham twitter account there will be a Q&A with Erin Richards who plays one of the most changed characters on the series, Barbara Kean. The character's […]

A Clash Of Tones Continues In Gotham Season Two Premiere

Mild Spoilers Ahead… I'm always of two minds about Gotham; which is perfect as the show seems to be of four or five minds about itself. Casting Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock might be the most inspired casting choice ever made, but he's often in a very cartoonish environment reminiscent of the Tim Burton Batman […]

What Are They Doing With Barbara? – New Gotham Teaser Trailer

So the impression I got when Gotham was first coming to television was that by the end of the series the world of Batman would be fully formed. All the pieces would be in place and Bruce can put on the cowl for the first time. Going with this in mind, it seems that with […]

The Gotham We Deserve – Sizing Up The First Ten Episodes

By Cameron Hatheway Gotham captured audience's attention worldwide when it first debuted in late September, and with good reason. In a steadily growing golden age for comic book television shows, fans of Batman were poised to either love the retelling of the iconic superhero's upbringing mixed with the origins of the supporting cast, or tear […]

New Gotham TV Spot Focuses On Barbara Kean

One of the characters being expanded on in the new Fox series Gotham is James Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) future wife, Barbara Kean played by Erin Richards. The character brings a balance to Gordon's life that offsets his partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), but Kean has secrets of her own that include a connection to Renee […]